What kind of fathers do Aries men make?

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My aries BF of two years isn't always pleasant to my 13 yr old. Sometimes I think he is so strict and rigid about the house...can't put a cup out of place and he moans

They don't really communicate with each other and now I just

wondered is it just the way they are?




  1. You are way over simplifying the question. Your son is in a very difficult age: being 13 is hard. Your boyfriend of two years is not married to you, you don't say does he live with the two of you - how does your son feel about that?? Some of you are truly - i am looking for a kind word here -  ??? if you think that you can say " aha! he is an Aries (Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo... etc)" that's the way it is. I think  you should sit down with the two of them and find out what the real issue is. Best of luck.

    PS. If you are interested in astrology, you need more info than his Sun sign only. Where is his Moon? and the rest of his planets?

  2. lovely temper and a and a amazing future

  3. My dad is Aries. He is my best friend.He is lenient at the same time very very protective .My dad never says No to me.He is so generous.If I say I wanna go out at midnight he won't send me alone.Instead he himself would take me to some really nice place where I can enjoy.I have been to amusement parks with my dad and I have seen him getting transformed into a kid again.My mum is also Aries and we used to have so much of fun everyday.Lot of good times and happy moments together.

    I am getting constant love and Encouragement from the everyday.My accomplishments speak for them and their greatness.Now I am doing Engineering and currently staying in my college hostel.Missing my dad so much.Wanna be with my dad all through my life.I am a Sagittarius btw.

  4. Aries men are statistically proven to be sexually abusive to children that the co-habitate with.

  5. Great fathers, some of the best parents are Aries.!!!

  6. an aries man is active, initiating, leading, independent, aggressive, impatient, combative, energetic, pioneering, naive, assertive. soo hed be a really strict father and kinda mean

  7. my dad is Aries, he's sometimes a little to childish for my liking. Doesn't listen alot of the time but I know he means well... I find it funny when he looks to me for something when my mum is arguing with him lol, I've never understood that.

  8. Hmm... is he born near the 20th of April? He sounds like a Taurus too, Taurus's are quite grounded and stubborn and... organised. But they're also meant to be home bodies, like relaxation.

    Aries are meant to be all impulsive, hot tempered but work well with kids because we're kids ourselves. Im 19 and love Disney, themeparks, sports and games like tag and toys still! My mum loves tickling my dad and she can be pretty childish and her friend (also aries) is a good mother and just clicks with children, plays games with them and gets genuinely excited and caught up with the kid. Aries show they love someone, they're pretty straight forward and don't like secrecy.

    Astrology aside i think your boyfriend could be jealous of son. Its gotta be hard because he's also a teen. I think you should talk to your boyfrined and son and try organise stuff to do with each other. Find something that they both have in common and work on it. I do think you bf needs to chill out a little. WHo cares if a stupid cup is out of place? Make him realise its ok if something is out of line. Go throw food on the floor and say "Hey who cares? We can clean it up, no point getting stressed about it" :P I dont know how your gunna do that... good luck haha

  9. I've never really gone for Astrology but you are describing me exactly and I'm an Aries.

    We might be sticklers for things being right but rest assured that we do love. We are just not very good at showing it.

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