What is bright star in eastern sky?

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What is bright star in eastern sky?




  1. I'm from Perth Western Australia, I have been watching this star as well for the last year and  it is brighter and bigger this year (2011) some say it's Venus but why is it so big and bright? I have, since I was young, never seen Venus or Jupiter or any other planet, star this bright and this year it's twinkling! once you notice it in the early morning sky you can't stop looking at it because it's unusal and once the sun starts coming up it still is as bright as ever and even when it's cloudy you can still see the light glowing from this thing on the clouds

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  3. I live in Snyder, Texas, and I have observed this star since September, 2010. It is April, 3, 2011 now and it is there every morning in the same spot at 5:30, when I leave for work. I have observed it untill 8:30 some mornings before it fades from sight. I am 60 years old and have never seen a star, or planet be in the same spot for that many months. I think it would have to be headed toward us to do that! Why has no one, even an amature astronomer, not commented on this? George Noory has not even mentioned it.

  4. i live in new zealand its 19th march iv been watching this for a few years now and also have a telescope, its electric blue and pink in appearance, one thing for sure it is getting closer, it is very close i feel as its still very visable well after all other stars have dissapeered, if you take the speed of light etc into consideration, also on several times i have observed it moving sideways , what intrigued me the most was the fact that on several occasions as it slowly began to dissapeer it went up in a cork s***w spiral , im no scientist or profesional astronomer but i know planets do not slowly go into spirals and move about of free will !! OR DO THEY ??  it totally reminds me of the three kings following that star !!!  

  5. <p>I'm in&nbsp; gloucester, ma and I believe I am seeing the same object (absolutely STUNNING twinkle, mostly white, but twinkling a distinct blueish green every few seconds seemingly from it's lower half). I go for a stroll down the hill to the head of the harbor and from that perspective, and were it an aircraft, I'd say it was over logan airport or the city of boston based on it's size in the sky and how bright it is compared with the stars. What I am seeing is in the sky from around 9 - 1:30, 2am-ish what I am a little confused about is the folks in NH seem to be seeing it by looking east or southeast and I am definitely seeing it to the southwest (go to mapquest and draw a bearing from parker St. in gloucester and set logan airport as your destination, and you'll pretty much have the trajectory I am seeing it at.</p> <p>If this is jupiter as some have said it might be, I gotta say... I have seen jupiter a few times through decent telescopes and it sure didn't look as twinkley as this thing is. I mean, MAYBE&nbsp;the proximity effects it's visual properties, but I have just never heard of that happening that way, with any planet. From what I've always experienced is that the light gets steadier as the planet gets closer. </p> <p>Up until about a week ago, I was convinced I was looking at a very slow moving helicopter (like the large kind the coast guard uses for rescues at sea. But having seen a number of jets leaving logan over the past few cold clear nights, I can tell for certain it's no aircraft and it MAY not even be moving (just can't tell for sure). Anyway, I would really like to know if what I am seeing is related to what my neighbors in new hampshire are seeing. </p> <p>drop me a line neighbors ...

    lostsailor01930 at gmail/

  6. for 5 years i have watched the bright light in the sky it seems larger today 2-25-11 clear sky . it has been there every morning all year long except in december and when clouds are above. i live in washington state.  is it venus or jupitar or the space station.  it does put off a funny glow.  planets dont twinkle space stations move faster than this object . are the planets alignig and this makes this planet look strange.  well we will all find out soon i guess

  7. I live in New York and I also have seen this same light towards the eastern sky but I notice that there was a smaller red light towards the bottom of the more larger bright white light also random other light cutting off and on every two minutes or so kind of scattered around it weird I have some sort of idea what it might be but wish not togo into details about it but its crazy that its been seen all around the world good to know that im not going crazy.

  8. well i am frm Trinidad and Tobago in the caribbean and i saw it in the east aswell....i 1st observed it  approx 3:40am and it didnt dissappear from the sky till surrounding light wuz 2 bright to see it anymore which wuz after 7am...i also observed objects darting in the sky around it with red and white after burn.... plz explain that??? lol


  10.  I've observer this object this morning, just before the dawn (still dark outside). I'm in Western Australia. The object was huge... not a star and not a planet at lease not in any shape or form what I've seen before. So unless Venus can blow up on demand.... its not Venus. It seem to me that this object was composed of two, one larger one and one much smaller very close to it. What is it?

  11. I live in Perth Western Australia and I woke early one morning around 5:00am a couple of weeks ago and I noticed an enormous bright "star" in the eastern sky and thought it odd how abnormally large and bright it was. There seem to be a lot of theories about it however I have my own. Does anyone else think it strange how a rocket / missile was launched from the earth about a month ago and we were told that it was a plane taking off, well there's a thought!

  12. On 1/28/11 and at 4:30am I have seen this same star several times. I am in Brazoria County in Texas and this hugh bright light is much closer than any of the other stars. About a week ago I saw it. I am real close to the Geoge Observatory and it's to bad it isn't open at that time in the morning. I would like to view it from there. I at first though a Satallite or the space station but it looks to much like a star that seems to be closer to the earth. Check out Nasa's website.

  13. It is neither Venus nor Saturn or Jupiter. I have been watching this object for eight years and everyone laughed at me when I said it was going to get closer as the years go by. How about that I was right. Now many people around the world are now noticing it. A few years back there was a news story stating there was an object on a crash course with Earth.  The very next day the media retracted the story. About a year later, the story was reported again and once again the very next day the media retracted the story. Sounds like government censorship to me. Im sure others can remember this story being reported. Im not sure what this object could be but I bet my last dollar that it's not Venus, Saturn or Jupiter.

  14. Do you see 3 stars above pointing to it?  Orions belt.  They point down to Sirius.  The brightest star in the sky.

  15. What is that bright “morning star” in the southeast before dawn? That’s the sky’s brightest planet, Venus.

    Look for the waning crescent moon to pair with up with Venus on the mornings of Saturday, January 29, and Sunday, January 30

    During the first week of December 2010, the planet Venus was shining at its brightest in the morning sky. Earth’s neighboring planet is always bright, and even though Venus is dimming slightly right now, it still looms as an eerie beacon in the predawn and dawn sky all through January 2011. If you haven’t seen this blazing world before sunrise yet, you’re really missing a glorious sight. Look in the southeast before daybreak.

    Bright star on January 2011 evenings? It’s the planet Jupiter

    Greatest illuminated extent for Venus came on the morning of December 4, 2010. If you saw it before dawn around then, the illuminated portion of this world covered more square area on the sky’s dome than it will in the morning sky until July 2012. That’s why Venus was at its brightest as the “morning star” in December 2010. Surprisingly, perhaps, Venus at its greatest illuminated extent only shines as a waxing crescent, with its disk about one-quarter illuminated in sunlight.

    To understand this, you have to realize that Venus is an inner world, orbiting one step closer to the sun than we do. Venus passed between the Earth and sun on October 29, 2010. As Venus moves away from Earth – as it is doing now – it phase waxes, or grows larger, yet its disk size shrinks. So Venus will dim somewhat in the months ahead. Regardless of its phase, however, Venus always shines as the third brightest body in all the heavens, after the sun and moon.

    Venus was at its at its greatest morning elongation from the sun on January 8, 2011, rising several hours before sunrise. All this month, however, Venus will rise in the wee hours before dawn, its brilliant light giving grandeur to the January morning sky.


  16. I have been watching it from denver as well.  This morning, the clouds were pretty thick and like a beacon in the night, it shown bright as ever.  Not only bright as ever, but the only star visible through the clouds.  I have been watching it for 2 months.  It is getting brighter and it has stayed relatively in the same spot.  I live in the foot hills sw denver, Roxborough Park (littleton) and from here it flashes as well.. but it looks bluish white.  I want to know....

  17. So bottom line: No one on here knows. LOL

    Wish an astronomer would post the answer on here.

  18. In Los Angeles, CA: Can see it very bright and flashing. Giving off occasional red flash's as well... Very odd... Going to see if maybe I can contact NASA/JPL as they are local to me...

  19. It is 8:00 pm on 1-13-2011 in western North Carolina and very cold and thus clear. This is the first night i have taken note of the "star" when it looked like it was twinkling vibrantly in the eastern sky about15 degrees above the horizon, just below and south of orion. just looking through binoculars i could pretty clearly see the flashing red light as part of the star. however what i saw was stationary. it was definately not the space station as i have seen the space station go overhead before a couple times and it moves very fast, only about a couple minutes from horizon to horizon. I hope someone might know what this is?

  20. We were watching it this morning here in Tucson around 5:30am (1/13/11). Too big to be a planet....will lean towards the space station!

  21. i first noticed it after a huge flash of bright light about six months ago and it has since gotten brighter

  22.  I have been seeing this star or whatever it is for quite some time now.  I am also wondering what we are looking at.  It does seem to be getting bigger and brighter as time goes on.  I wish we could get a clear answer.

  23. It is not Jupiter.  It is not Venus.  From where I am in Idaho it appears triangular or cross-like. gigantic and very bright.  Like nothing I have ever seen.  If it is Jupiter then Jupiter's gas has suddenly ignited because Jupiter, although closest to earth since the 60's was not this bright then either.....

  24. The answer is........... your momma's a*s

  25. December 31, 2010

    The object  is at the 9:00 position of the Moon, can be seen brightly even in the early dawn. This is could this be planet x?

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  27. I am a long time astronomy buff, 200 mag refractor and it tells me it is deffinately a planet, or

    some other solid object, but I cannot find it on my charts for this time of year, maybe we should check with Palomar or one of the observatories in another country.

  28. I have looked to the sky for many years now (37) and have yeat to see a star or planet such as this. i live in southern new hampshire and it appers in the east south east sky one third of the way up from the horrizon to over my head. Its twinkles wildy and even seems to flash bluish and every now and again red. Now i dont have a answer for what it may or may not be. But i would sugest we perpare.Did anyone else see the four second tid bit on the news about a mounth ago about a "Top Seceret NASA mission". Witch hade a compleatly new space vehical and had just returned from a three month mission. Yeah...I though top secret and NASA was strange too. If anyone knows what thats about i am very interested in what you have to say. Beacuse except for that four seconds i have never heard anything else about it.

    My Jesus be in our hearts and a sound brain upon or heads,,good luck to all

  29. I saw it at 5am this morning and thought it might be the Space Station.  Much too bright and big to be a planet and  since it twinkled so vividly, it couldn't be a planet. (planets don't twinkle).  That's my guess, it's the Space Station.  :o)

  30. I saw it at 5am this morning and thought it might be the Space Station.  Much too bright and big to be a planet and  since it twinkled so vividly, it couldn't be a planet. (planets don't twinkle).  That's my guess, it's the Space Station.  :o)

  31. I have been watching this now for a couple of months in England. BBC radio 2 had people calling into the radio show with peoples theorys as to what this amazing spectacle is. The general concensus is that it is the planet Jupiter . I have been looking through my Binoculars and tend to agree with what I have heard. I have just bought myself a new refractor and am looking forward to investigating further. You can actually make out the moons orbiting this planet.

  32. I am no astronomer,  I did however hope to find one on this comment board who can explain the phenomena.  I am a star gazer.  And I report I have never, ever, seen a star or planet this bright and huge.  This is different from the saturn, mars, venus, jupiter thing.  It grows larger every day.  It remains visible longer after sunrise day by day.  Now, enough about Venus.  Venus has been in our vision since the beginning.  It has never shown this bright or this large before. So if it is Venus, it is headed this way; and maybe we should be aware of that.  OK.  I know our nation's intellectual curiosity has greatly deminished.  However, I thought someone would know and could point to a reference to support their opinion.  

    n adner.  ctrrh ehU dr

  33. I live on the tip of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I am up very early each morning and that light is there in the eastern sky. It starts in the fall and hangs around all winter. It isn't visible during the summer. It does seem to move but I wasn't sure if my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

  34. This web site says, "post answer". b***h if I knew the answer I wouldn't be here.


  35. I am in Northern New Jersey.  I have observed the huge star at 6:00 a.m. December 9 through Dec. 19, 2010 in the eastern sky.  I would like to know its name.  Is it Jupiter?

  36. Location: Conway, NH (3 hours south of 45th parallel) I agree with the description everyone is giving. I see the same star and yes, sometimes it does look like a cross, it is blazing and it appears to move quickly. I view it in the Eastern sky about 5:30 a.m. each day. I thought at first it was the space station but it is not and no it is not Venus. Could it possibly be "The Dog Star" is at the time the dog wants to go out!

  37. I live in San Antonio, Tx.  It appears to be at about 10 O'clock in the eastern sky at 5:45am.

  38. I was so intrigued by this thing that I had to check it out on the internet.  5am - 6am in Hamilton Ontario.  Kind of looked like on star behind another, someone said it looked like a cross.  I thought so too.  At about 6am, still dark, it just kind of flickered out to a normal star.  Very interesting. 



  39. I live in Michigan in the city of Clinton Township.About 16 to 20 miles north of Detroit.It is Monday Nov.29th 2010 5:56am. I have been noticing this bright light in the eastern sky for a while now.Maybe a month? Every time I go out in the evening it is there.i always wonder,hmm, what is that,what can it be? I am no astronomer but I am pretty sure it is a star more than likely Jupiter.It is upon my confirmation in the south-eastern sky.At least everytime I see it.Of course peoples imaginations can run wild when one sees something unknown to them in the sky.It's only natural but uneducated.I have let myself become excited about it.Wondering,what if its an alien ship watching and waiting to communicate with us or what if it's a gigantic meteor heading our way? Alas,It is not.Well at least I hope not!Just kidding.I have been observing it now for over 20 minutes and it is rising.Of course it is because the earth is turning,therfore it appears that it itself is moving but its really the earth You see the earth spins one revolution in a 24 hour period so it seems that the stars and evrything else out in the sky is moving.Well the bright light,a.k.a Jupiter is also moving being that it is also a planet and it to has an orbit around the sun and its own rotation or spinBut we can't see it with the naked eye.Hope this helps.Hey I guess that class really did help!!God Bless ,ya'll.It is 6:24 a.m Eastern Standard.Let me know if it answered your question.



  40. 4:30 in upstate New York

    Brighter than any star and moving quite rapidly

  41. Sunday am at 5:00 in lower downtown Denver, this light was so bright it looked like a helicopter over the city, (I even stepped out onto the deck to see if it was because it looked so bright) but as I have been reading this blog, it has moved higher in the sky and no longer looks nearly as huge. It is south south east of the city. I am going to assume it is Venus as that has been the consensus online for the most part. I am sure it looked bigger when nearer the city buildings because of teh optical illusion the atmosphere creates, much the same as when the moon is rising over the city. I have been getting up at this hour for over three years and have never seen this before. How beautiful and amazing God's creation is!

  42. I live in the Provo area of Utah in North America and noticed this amazing bright light myself early this AM when I awoke and was looking out the bedroom window laying in bed. I went outside to look and there are no other stars/lights in the sky besides a fairly full and bright moon. From what I have been reading on the internet it is Jupiter, Venus or possibly the Space Station. I do not have a telescope. Pretty cool regardless... If the weather is right I am going to start watching for it in the mornings and maybe take some pictures...

  43.  I've noticed this star for over a year now.  I can't believe how many people are oblivious to it.  It seems so close to us.  It moves.  I've seen many pictures of it and it changes colors, shape and intensity.  I wish I had a telescope.  Well we are in the last days.  If your not saved.  Jesus is the only way.  The rapture can happen any second.  One Truth One Way One God JESUS  

  44. IT'S VENUS

  45. VENUS


  46. I took pics! It looked like a huge white baseball in the sky at 5:40 a.m. Chicagoland area. Thought it was a helicopter hovering but after the first 1/2 hr. "not wavering" I thought "OK this is the big one Martha!!'

  47. The Space Station.

  48. November 17, 2010

    Location: northern tip of Newfoundland.  We're seeing the star before sunrise every morning in the eastern sky.  Through my binoculars this morning it seemed almost crescent-shaped, but that could be an aberration.  Could this 'star' be a planet? 

    We've been seeing Jupiter and its moons for a few months in the night sky.  It's very bright.

  49. holy s**t. this is crazy. i live in colorado springs. i leave for work at about 530 every morning, i have noticed this bright object for the past few weeks now. it looks like to me its been growing brighter or getting closer,its position in the sky has also moved pretty fast..who knows,matbe it is nibiru..if not i want to know exactly what it is.

  50. it is 626 am right now. i am in ontario canada and the star is in the east. it is so much brighter than the rest of the stars in the sky.

  51. Does anyone, other than me, think the bright star is the star that will eventually look like a cross...the one predicted concerning that huge planet that comes into our solar system every 25,000 years or so?

  52.  Location...  Knox City, Texas

    I viewed  this light from as early as 5am till just after sunrise 7:17am... at this time it looked more like a streak than a dot.. 

  53. According to this site, it is either Venus or Saturn:

  54. I have been watching this star for the past three days from Arizona between 5:45 and 6:15AM.

  55. I am from central Pa, USA.  On my way to work this morning, 0515-0600, I saw the same "star".  It was in the SE sky and was so bright that I thought that it was a plane landing (I line near HBG International) but it never wavered.  My grandfather said he saw it around 0330 and it looked the same at 0330 as it did at 0600.  No idea?  Maybe it fired that missle out west?  haha  Very curious!

  56. November 13, 2010. North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  M. Duggan

    I awoke early this morning, around 5 am and noticed a very bright star in the eastern sky above daybreak on the horizon.  The light was about 9 on the face of a clock.  It was not moving and was extremely bright.  There were no other stars in the sky. As the daybreak continued the light became smaller and seemed to go higher.  At sunrise 5.45 am, the pin prick could still be seen until it went behind a cloud.  The horizon was orange/yellow in a band from Manly to the north and as far as the eye can see to the south.  Is it perhaps a planet? Maybe Jupiter?  thankyou

  57. im in seattle its 1244 am on nov 11th and this star is going buckwild with colors in the southeast sky.

    what is it really i have never seen anything like this

    and im a daily sky watcher

  58. Nope this star I saw in the sky this morning was at 6:30 AM above the horizon in the east and I have not seen it there any other mornings.  This is Nov 10, 2010. I live in western Canada

  59. it is a spy telescope looking at you and your illegal activities.

  60. I live in massachusetts and its 11:30 pm I,m 42 years old and love the sky
    I never seen anything like this before. Comet? Astroid? Or something else.
    Im shocked its not in the news. Oh not a planet.

  61. I am looking from Britain, and there is what appears to be a very bright star in the eastern sky. Looking at it through binoculars one can just about make out a few very small stars around it. If this is what you are seeing then I believe you will find you are observing the planet Jupiter. It is at it's closest to earth since the 1950's and is very bright.

  62. Mirfak.

  63. This word of knowledge was revealed to me this morning, referring to the new flashing star in the eastern sky.
    The name of this new flashing star is called Zarangel Star, it is the star spoken of in Revelation 9. 1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. cornishevangelist

  64. There was a star known as the star of Bethlehem, which was seen to announce the coming of the Messiah Yeshua Hameshia. But, this coming star shall be brighter than that star, it will be seen soon, it is not far, yet it is not near, it will be seen to announce the second coming of the Son of Man, Yeshua Hamashia. The Star will appear in the Eastern sky, Yeshua is coming soon.
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