What is Reiki and Reiki Chakras?

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Does any body know reiki ?




  1. it's total bs

    don't waste your life on this braindead nonsense

  2. Reiki is a wonderful healing technique, which works excellent even where the normal medical science stops to work.

    I have practical experiences of this as I heal in reality. If you want I can provide proofs of people who got benefit of this from me.

    Human Body has energy chakras which Reiki balances very well. Due to the non flow of energy in any specific Chakra, body gets ill, but this wonderful Reiki works there and normalises the flow of energy and makes the body feel good, relaxed and also makes it healthy.

    Some of the writers here have no experiance of this, and with their blocked mind they say negative words  for this amazing healing method.

    With love and light......

  3. Reiki is one of the Healing Techniques . Reiki also helps in Spritual Growth , with the help of  Reiki chakras . i would suggest you to go through to know more about REIKI

  4. Chakras are energetic vortexes located throughout the body; the main chakras run from the perineum to the crown of the head and are located centrally. Many natural healing modalities recognize chakras, and there are many ways to bring them in to alignment including the use of sound, touch healing, and flower essence.

  5. I got into Reiki about 6 years ago when a friend recommended a session with her practitioner for my thyroid problems.  It was such an amazing experience and made a great improvement on my hormonal health that I decided to learn it myself and become a practitioner.

    Reiki (pronounced ray kee) means “universal life energy”.  The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words: Rei, or universal spirit (sometimes thought of as a supreme being), and ki (energy or chi).   Thus, the word Reiki means "universal life energy."  It is an ancient system of subtle energy-based healing transmitted through touch and distant healing techniques to provide recipients pain relief, relaxation, chakra balancing, stress relief, physical healing, emotional healing, and a deepened awareness to one’s spiritual connection.

    You can read more about Reiki here:

    On the left side of the page you will see information about the chakras.

    Hope you find that answers you are looking for.  If not, look at the source links at the bottom of the page for more great info.  

    Reiki is wonderful.  And very easy to learn and practice!

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