What is Nick Jonas's cellphone number?

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  2. Its>Miley>his>xgf>and>he>needs>privacy>sooooo>just>leave>him>alone>thx>luv>u>all>byeeeeeeeeeeeee<3xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. peoples peoples peoples email me at

  4. guys just freakin give up you'll never get his number or any of his brothers numbers the only way u can get thier numbers is by becoming a celeb and u meet them and become good friends and that's all but it's not easy i actually auditioned 4 camp rock 2 and i didnt get da part but it wz my passion 4 becoming a actress so just stop being stalkers and maybe u will be able to meet them then get thier numbers

  5. nick jonas real phone number is 07792115708

  6. it is NOT 567-203-9896 because thats my best friends phone number!!

  7. its 567-203-9896 your welcome byeeeee!

  8. Come on ppl i have tried every single one of these i i never once got nick jonas u guys r a pain in my a##!!!! xjvho;vudfhg.rjehtverjf

  9. what is nick number

  10. I really Don't know that's what i was trying 2 figure out.

  11. there nuber is 567 203 9896

  12. i don't know but i do want to know did you know he has daiebites just like my mom.

  13. makayla you dont have to be a smart a** about it ok ok

  14. 55378008

  15. okay makala if u have it email it to me

  16. wat is his number

  17. Hi my name is Makala and you should NOT be asking for nick's phone number. The way I learned it is because I acedentialy called him he told me I can keep it. I know funny right? So please leave him alone because it's not worth the use. But learn by being lucky like me. Thank you =) !

  18. I know it. But can't tell you, it's for nick's own good. As much as I like to i can't, i'm in love with him.

  19. Not gunna lie, the only thing worse than asking for his number is pretending you know him but won't give out his "number" because it isn't "right" get a life... Seriously, it's sad.

  20. 181-768-2290

    i just called him!!!!!!

  21. guys i know them and im not trying to brag but i just got off the phone with him and he said its his own personal buisness now if youll excuse me i have to go record for my new cd love ya guys

                            kiki stewart
                                          album will be in stores january 15 at the earliest
    message me at: love yaz!

  22. supposedly gave out nick jonas' number but in ur "convo" you were talking with KEVIN..that doesnt make any sense

  23. HELLO CUTIES OUT THEIR                KIJE NICKS PHONE IS 548-709-8705


  24. nick's cell phone number is.


    i called it n i talked to like 2 mintues ago. this is what he said

    kevin: hello,
    me: hello, is this kevin?
    kevin: yes, who is this n who did u get my number?
    me: well i found your number on youtube n i didn't know
    if i wanted to call it so i took a chance. n i won't call this number
    again sorry if i annoyed.
    kevin: no its fine but pls don't call this number to much
    cuz am very busy
    me: ok that's fine.
    kevin: well i have to go now byeee thanks for calling me though
    me: ok byee kevin, i love u.
    kevin: oh ok byeee.
    me: byeee then:)

  25. i need nicks REAL CELL #

  26. w8!!! if u talked to Nick!! and ur not gunna give his real number thn it means that u dnt relli hve his real number wanna be!!!! if u hve it prove it thn!! cmon dnt be afraid to show who u relli r!!!

  27. nick has a girlfriend ? since wen.. ?

  28. wow the girl who said he texted her just wow
    i know Nick and he would not just text you he has caller id and if your not on the id hes not going 2 awnser
    I AM NICKS REAL REAL girlfriend belive me or not I AM

  29. omgg u know it ?! pshh lucky and i wouldnt expect him to be up like other did u get his # ? did u just guess it ?

  30. OMFG!!
    I found out his number and called him!
    (his REAL one)
    He wasn't mean at all like most stuck up celebrities.  He was actually pretty nice, but he sounded bored. (i guess for his reputation)
    And then he texted me!!! Ahhh!!
    But of course I wouldn't give it out to any of u stalkerz...cuz I'm a loyal fan.

  31. hey there... i would love to talk to nick. he is my favorite and i love it when he sings. my family doesnt have enough money to go to any of there concerts. also we cant get meet and greets... if they have thoughs. well i would love to talk to him on the fone. i also need help for high school. i am going to be a freshman and i would like his help. noone else would help me.

  32. what is nick jonas number

  33. I know his real number but im not going to give it to just wouldnt be right. When i was younger me and him would have little tea parties..haha good times Nicholas. :) Oh and Joseph you cant forget about him! He was the best dancer ever! ahah taught me all my moves today. Kevin was just like a older brother...treated me good :)
    Well i hope you give up..they are just normal people..liveing their lifes, just like you are living yours..please give up...its only the right thing..
    ~JB "sister" forever~


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