What is Chris Campbell tennis betting system?

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Chris Campbell is famed for his successful tennis betting system. I want to know some details about Chris Campbell's tennis betting system, please specify them.




  1. I bought this system last year and implemented it for a while. Contrary to some suggestions as to what it entails, there is no staking plan involved (no Martingale, nor anything else). The basic principle relies upon the backing of favourites above a certain price level which show a variation in odds compared to the opponent of greater than 0.5. Thus, using the following examples taken from 30th October 2006, Schiavone (1.63) v Shaughnessy (2.7) was a qualifying bet (backing Schiavone to win or laying Shaughnessy to lose), whereas Sugiyama (1.82) vs Daniilidou (2.2) would not qualify since there is not sufficient of a disparity between the odds (ie less than 0.5). Where the prices are too short, according to the system's criteria, no bet is placed regardless of the gap between the odds. According to the author, Chris Campbell, the selections thus produced generate a strike rate above 70%.

    The author offers, in addition to the basic e-book, a further hard copy manual which provides his hand written spreadsheets spanning a 9-year period and detailing every bet placed during that period. Although I did not stump up the (considerable) extra cost for this, the fact that it is offered suggested to me that this might actually be genuine. Indeed, I was sufficiently convinced that I began immediately to put the system into operation, using 40.00 stakes. At the end of the first month (May 2006) my Betfair account was better off to the tune of 899.00 and the observed strike rate was approximately 69%.

    During the next 4 weeks a loss of 400-odd was incurred, but the fact remained that overall the system had shown a profit to relatively modest stakes. There were a few issues on which I was a little unclear, however. For example, Betfair covers a very wide range of tennis tournaments - was I correct in making selections from matches not covered by the ATP/WTA? It was clear that I was placing far more bets each month using the criteria specified in the manual than the number of qualifying matches stated by the author would suggest. Perhaps by becoming involved in non-mainstream events I was laying myself open to less consistent results.

    There was a further issue with which I am still a little uneasy... in that the average odds claimed by the author seem unattainable given the criteria for selection. That said, I achieved a profit despite averaging a far lower figure.

    I was interested to read this thread because I had been considering taking another look at this... ANY system which produces any profit at all has to be taken seriously in my book, and whilst I know that my period of testing was very short the results were not discouraging.

    What I would like to do, preferably with the aid of other interested people, is to paper trade the system for a further period so that I am as convinced as possible before committing money to it once again. It may well be that it really is workable, just as it may be that my modest success with it was due to sheer luck.

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