What does <span title="dar,doy,das,da,damos,dais,dan">dar,doy,das,da,damos,dais...</span> mean in english?

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What does dar,doy,das,da,damos,dais... mean in english?




  1. I give, you give , you gave, we give, they give,

  2. If you want to find the conjugation of some of the more common Spanish verbs visit this  page on my web site:-


    I hope you find it useful.

  3. conjugations of the verb dar (to give) translate, do your conjugation exercises

  4. Its the conjugation of the verb to give in spanish. Give (dar), I give (doy), you give (das), he gives (da), we give (damos), they give (dais - which is a verb conjugation only use in Spain), they give (dan).

  5. dar = to give

    doy = I give

    das = you give

    da = he/she gives

    damos = we give

    dais = you give

    dan = they give

  6. it means to give, i give, you give, he/she gives.. and so on

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