What does Power to Weight ratio mean in racing cars?

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I dont understand it when people say that.

What does that mean?




  1. andrew
    Power to Weight ratio is the specific power of the car.
    For example:
    I'm a karting driver, my kart weights 150kg (driver included), the engine has a power of 45hp.
    The Power to Weight ratio is: 150/45=3,33kg/hp
    Porsche 911 GT2 has a power to weight ratio of 2,21kg/hp, while a F1 car 0,83kg/hp.
    Normal everyday cars usually have power to weight ratio from 10 to 15 kg/hp.
    This is just a quick explanation with some examples, hope it was useful to understand power to weight ratio datas.

  2. wow. f1 cars power to weight ratio is incredible... interesting!
  3. Bobmitchell
    Exactly what is says

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