What do you all think about McCain cutting his Republican Convention off short?

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Not trying to be smart so please don't get upset. I just really want to know what people think. me and my friends were having a little debate over it. McCain is cutting his RNC short ("the essential opening day activities at least) because of the hurricane heading towards New Orleans, saying that "This is a time when we have to do away with our party politics and we have to act as Americans." And technically he's right. "Technically" because some of my friends say that he's still playing politics. They're judging from the "dirty games he's being playing the whole time." And I'm kind of with them on that, although I do think it's nice what he's trying to do. Some say he's sincere, and my cousin said he was probably doing it out of fear because he didn't want to try and beat what Obama had at his party. With me, It's a little of all because it is sad that another hurrican is about to hit them again and there wasn't nothing anybody could do (probably could if they tried a little harder after the storm) so I just have mixed emotions about it. What are your thoughts on it?




  1. I think it's a responsible thing to do. Of course it looks politically expedient - doing the right thing always does. But perhaps now our leaders will start doing what we expect of them.  

  2. No one really cares.  Only three thousands people are probably going to show up anyway due to his VP choice, his BUSH-like policies and his boring campaign.  

  3. One can only guess at his motivations.  However, with his selection of a vice presidential candidate who is woefully unprepared to assume the presidency in a heartbeat, it appears to me he cares more about getting elected than what is best for the country.  Connecting the two, it is a reasonable guess that he puts politics first.  

  4. Whatever the reason, it can't help his campaign.  The conventions are pertinent to the election.  McCain will not have the same chance as Obama. With Obama having a 14 point lead at the moment, McCain's going to be hard pressed to regain that momentum.  

  5. I have several thoughts on the matter.

    1) They are in a no win situation. If the cancel or continue there will be critics.

    2) Many/most of them are genuinely concerned about the seriousness of the situation.

    3) The inner circle of power players are glad to have an excuse to cut it short because before the hurricane they were having trouble getting enough people to fill the 10,000 seat center and they were worried about the contrast to Obama's convention.

    I believe that all three of these answers are correct and in  varying degrees among Republicans.

  6. I am hoping that it is because he does not want to see anyone get hurt. Which is what he should think about if he is elected.

  7. After the poor Republican response with the last New Orleans hurricane in 2005, justice has prevailed that another New Orleans hurricane has spoiled the Republicans' party.

  8. He;s doing it because our country faces a challenge and believes that the convention shouldn't be preaching America and American values when people are in a time of despair. McCain doesn't need to top Obama and his theatrics. He needs to be sincere and he's being sincere.

    Country First

    McCain/Palin '08

  9. I think it's great, at least we won't have to spend the whole week listening to the Republican lies and BS. Heck we just spent last week listening to the Democrats lies and BS.

  10. with mccain, it is country first.

    remember, he was the one who pushed for the surge.

    When asked if he thought it would hurt his presidential campaign. he said, "The safety of our troops and america come before me and my campaign. If I loose my chance at running for president because I want this surge, then so be it, at least I can sleep at night knowing I did what I could for our troops and america."

    Mccain does put us first

    heres something else you can argue with your friends

    The fact that when a president is no longer a president, he still recieves his presidential pay of 400 thousand a year till the age of 80.

    So mccain is only in office for 4 years, then he only be on payroll another 4 years to the age of 80.

    Obama in the other hand will have over 30 years of salary coming to him after he is no longer president.

    this is a fact.

    so this should also show you mccain isnt doing this for himself.

    Obama has way more to gain by running than mccain does.

  11. Clearly the limelight is being taken away from John McCain by Gustav. He is being upstaged by a hurricane of all things. LOL!!!

    Gustav knew better than to try to crash the DNC!  He likes Obama!!

    Who is going to the RNC anyway? People are probably being paid to show up just to make McCain feel better.  

  12. If McCain had not cut the convention short, your friends would have said he doesn’t care.  When he did cut it short, they say he’s playing politics.

    What has John McCain got to do with a hurricane?  And what does a hurricane have to do with politics?

    Liberals always talk about the Iraq war in terms of how much money we’re spending on it.  They seldom mention the lives that have been lost.  Now they’re talking about the political impact of Hurricane Gustav.  They don’t seem to care about the danger it poses to the people who will be affected by it or those in the Caribbean who already have been.

    Tell you cynical friends they should find a better way to spend their time than trying to attribute a political motive to John McCain.  Maybe if they think hard, they can find a way to blame Hurricane Gustav on George Bush.

  13. I find it interesting that you choose to focus on making accusations rather than recognize many people may die in the next few days.

  14. This is the Republicans last chance to do something right before Bush is gone.  They just don't want to be seen on TV celebrating (and ignoring the country's fate) while a storm hits the Gulf area, AGAIN.

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