What do leo guys like about piscean gals?

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do leo guys like vulnerable trait in piscean gals ?




  1. I'm a Leo guy and i wouldn't say we prefer vulnerable traits in a Pisces gal, most are just innocent and sweet, personally I'm just drawn to them. example 3 Pisces girlfriends in the past, go figure lol. Then I found out that i have Pisces in my 7th house which put all the Pieces together, at least now i had a clue of why.

  2. its like opposites attract.

    leos are tough and solid while Pisces are sweet and innocent and caring and leo just want to protect Pisces from the big bad world...

  3. I think because opposites attract. Leo's are the total opposite than Pisces. I think that Leo's care for the humanitarian way of the Pisces. However, after being together for a while. The Leo feels it more of a burden to constantly live that lifestyle. I know I Leo (male) and Pisces (female) relationship. I have a set of close friends that match those signs. I think at times they are happy. However, fighting is a part of their normal routine,now. The have been together for 6 years. Always on and off being happy. I sometimes wish they could find a common ground. Hope this answers your question. Good luck to you.

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