What city in Mississippi are Simon City Royals located?

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     Henderson Elizabeth

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    Violating, non rightuous. Tell me how you're real and I'll show you why your fake.  

     once was an owl who lived in an oak the more he herd the less he spoke the less he spoke the more he herd thats why we should all heed the wisdom of this wise bird.

    Standards are surely lacking, a real challenge weeding out the criminals and stupid law breaking disloyal idiots. 


    His Highness~ Mississippi Mo'



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     All you gang members are losers. Get a real life and grow up.

  5. Guest33740
    I never knew much about gangs as I was younger. I am a Queen in C-town, MS. I am also in college achieving my goals. All of my life I was raised around upper class, smart, non drug using ROYALS! I didnt even find out until yesterday. My Dad and my fiance are BOTH ROYALS. And yall are all effin violating. C-town will never be brought down. All Royals are not trash or junkies, you dont know what they went through to make them the way they are. You dont do the product you sell. Obviously yall aren't on the new Blueprint of Growth & Development. We need to be working together, not snitching like some of yall from Vburg did to my dad. I'm Loyal and been down since day 1 for all my F.O.L.K. I have been a queen for longer than I knew but I was always on the slick getting taught code. All you false claimer in vburg, yeah ya heard about what just happened when lil b***h boy tried to come down here and finess somebody. We don't f**k around in C-town. There aren't many real mfers left. We need to fond the fake, rid the snakes, and stay true to the blue. If we would come together with GDs, I know by seeing, everything would double and less would get locked up. Stick to the commandments of the new code. Everything changed now and like always, we are an ORGANIZATION. But if we would not snake our own brothers and sisters over bs and plgs, and just split it with a circle of the one percent of the one percent, pigs wouldn't be catching s**t. Mastermind hasn't been caught in ten years and no that is not a sir name, I'm sticking to the RULE 1! The GDs split it with their ppl and when you stay LOYAL they will treat you ROYAL. but this is bigger than just "white gang" we need to come together as one. But all these brothers robbing other brothers has to stop. This fake and false claiming sht is making the man PISSED. I am the most high ranked Queen and don't have to explain a d**n think. Who are you to ask me? I'm being real BC I use burn phones and don't tell off on all my F.O.L.K Royal or GD. The new GD stands for Growth & Development. I suggest you all get ya new Lit and stop worrying about running the highways, that's why I am getting an education. We need lawyers, teachers, doctors, ect. s**t, the GDs seeming to be more loyal to each other, but real recognizes real and I'm surrounded by the best of the best and put the pieces together myself because its in my blood. That's when you know you real. Say one think to a mf in a way they could take it ten diff ways. Cover ya a*s, dont rat on fellow brothers and sisters. We are the future. My generation, 21 yrs old. My nickname dad gave me just so happens to be something dealing with Royals and never knew it till fiance and dad decided to start hinting to me. Never tell anyone your whole story, you tell one one piece, another a diff piece, and you know everything. Three point crown. We gotta clean house with these phonies. You'll know who snitched, just make sure there is never evidence. We are trying to Better our organization for the next generation. No more violence, unless necessary. You dont f**k with me and mines, or you can go see the bridge. Real mfs dont talk they just sit back and listen. Take my wisdom. I'm the new growth and development. Been taught by the best of the best. We need to become productive members of society the GDs are trying to show us. They will accept you as long as you down since day one and ride till you die. Wrong or right smash on sight. Brotherhood and sisterhood. There's a secret behind sending us to college and to STOP DOING THE PRODUCT. if you real, you'll get it cuz I am not explaining s**t. Connect the dots my F.O.L.K. A lot of you snitches been spotted and will get corrected. Its time to have some structure. Stop worryin bout thuggin and let the THUGS do the work while we ROYALS get jobs. Real s**t. This organization has too many fakers and snitches. Just piece together my wisdom BC my wisdom comes from 360. I am real and surrounded by nothing but top notch. Stay off the phone. Spread word by face to face code talk. Have ya third eye always my fam. I'll post again with contact info. We must teach the youngsters the NEW LIT. be productive members of society. Be legit people. STOP DOING DRUGS. We all join as one and we already saw how the organization and overthrow the pigs. We must unite as ONE. no more racism. Just think and think and do ya third eye s**t one last time and think it out. Piece together the puzzles I have given. Dont be selfish and greedy, share with all F.O.L.K break bread with each other. Swap up the game a lot to throw mf off track. Mastermind. One of a kind. I'm spreading my.knowledge I just pray you listen. GDs under tha 6 too. Why you think new lit? Unite and be stronger. Each one has an amazing quality of the 6 they bring to the table. Never do bad s**t where you lay. One step ahead always. Never be tha face, never spit ya business. Throw mf off with ten diff stories. Use ya brain all my insanes. Its only to get better from here. Dont brag. You dont need to spend all the doe till ya gots a way to show. New knowledge spread around before we fall to the ground. Notice all the superiors gettin locked up for dumb s**t. Lets unite with the GD and I promise nothing will ever stop us. Much love forever. Check that new lit. Blueprint growth and development. Only GDs been havin it. They put it online. Takes a while to decode. If you look at the one I did, all names from the bible, figure it out. Numbers also mean bible verses my family. There's levels to this s**t. This is bigger than anything. My family the world has blown, its time to grow and stand together. UNITE for the FIGHT. and yall start keepin the number one code on point or u will start getting violated or worse. Time to make a positive change. Please believe. I can't make you. But I speak real s**t cuz imma real down a*s QUEEN. Understand the knowledge that wisdom taught me. I spit real s**t. This is bigger than the Jews, its bigger than money, its bigger than the rappers. If a dope boy can become a rapper and have ten mansions and a room inside a room with money stacked ten feet tall and have a hundred mf not get caught except big meech, you see he and his bro didnt snitch. Learn the new s**t. They have been trying for years since Hoover came up with growth and development. Go read your history my family. I'm in need of the real, the strongest of the strongest, mind, body, and soul, the one percent of the one percent that we can turn into five percent. I see royals ridin in the cop cars around here so we realized that our family is turning their backs, we must unite if we want to get stronger and a bigger 360 of the organization. Dont talk about it be about it. And always real bosses dont talk they sit back and listen. Watch y'all's back my family, our own are turning on us. Much love to all. Prayers that we can fix our Royal family. Its more than just money. Its FAMILY. some are forgetting that. You will be found. Secret is silent and silent is secret. All the toxins will vanish. MAC- make a change. GDs want to help, they are our allies. Most of the royals have been too greedy and spun out to realize it. You shall see. Google what I told you,before they take it off. What's understood ain't ever gonna be explained. I give dots. Connect them fam. This is how I am finding true royal soldiers. Let the big dogs out! Keep faith. Change takes action. Stop spittin and do something!
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  8.  There are some dumbass people on here. Half of you can't even spell. Pick up a f*****g book. Your organization is s**t.ok. You go around saying you dont sling dope when scr in MS is the largest supplier of meth. Honestly,it scares me to see that the s**t that is SCR is growing. To know there are that many ignorant dumbass's out there. All you are is a bunch of wiggers man. Grow up. Nobody gives a s**t if you got your a*s kicked to be in an "ORGANIZATION". The fact that you got beat in makes it that much more ridiculous. Of course, you have the occasional p***y that gets blessed in so he dont have to go through the trauma. Yall are weak p***y b*****s that cant stand up for yourself. The s***s comical. Stand up for what you believe in, not some bullshit "laws" someone idiot made up.Get real.





  9.  To all of y'all out there remember Silence is tsecrecy death before dishonor and always use the 7 shades of wisdom and be like the wise owl and if you don't have an almighty Simon city royal number you're not plugged in and no part of this nation but always remember to be a leader brush and clean off the side walk so for the brothers and sisters out there who is following you don't have anything to trip over lead by example remember live by the guide lines its ROYAL $ir $carface 

  10.  I know a SCR from waveland named Paul who sleeps with my g*y friend from up here in jacktown.   He also sells meth and shows the lit n all but then acts all hard when he's around his gang douchebags cuz apparently u can't be a bi royal.  Just another example of how y'all don't follow this moronic code.  Bunch of white trash.  

  11.  Bunch of jokes is what they are, 

  12.  all yall need to get off the internet talking all this s**t cause first of all rule # 1 in any situation silence is golden not just gang related and if you can't be helpful don't hurt cause it is what it is at the end of the day everyday and i kmow quite a few royals a some wannabe's so ya want to get s**t straight ya need to check the streets and get ya wannabe's in line cuz i buried one of my close friends and he was a royal till the end and my baby daddy happens to be oneas well so check yo s**t before you go to blasting someone else for voicing their opinion 



  13. I'm confused about something...and hoping that one of you can help me or rather will help me understand. My ex-fiancé used to claim SCR, and I was told my family would be safe. Now someone is forcing my Son to become part of it..or so they claim. I was wondering if that was legal within your laws of your organization.  If would he go about getting it changed? He does not want to be a part of anything, he got engaged to a really sweet girl and her brothers are threating him and such saying if he don't do as they say...and swear his loyalty to the organization, that he will be hunted down. I thought it was  about free leas that's what my ex told me. Any help would be awesome.

  14.  what does tml pml and nel mean?



  15. <p>Its a shame this page started out showing Royal Love and it has ended up with&nbsp;a bunch of people talking s**t. To all Brothers and Sister remember to carry yourself in a Royal Fasion at all times. Stand by your word and your Laws. Don't let the petty bring you down to ANYTHING less than a Royal Fasion. I leave the same as I come. Royal Love.....Lady NeNe</p>

  16. just want to send a shot out to all my brothers from lee co and all of north ms. we need to get back to the basics. i just got out of the pen and am glad to be home but we need to start comeing together. i leave the same way as i come. One Life One LOVE

  17. all my real brothers from tha sir lucky.keep your head up brother we allways got u in our prayers..jones county 4 life..19-3-18 ..sir phat..

  18. i have family that are royals and many good friends that are royals that would give you the shirt off their back and them needing it. i have yet to meet a weak royal. they aint no joke...

  19.  man,lets get one thing straight,first off,all ya'll or violating.just sayingwhat you is what it is.and we are what we saying that nothing else has to be said..all its going to do is draw undo heat,and verry much unwanted.and the ones of us that or real,we aint gotta get on here and talk smack,that aint what we are about.we hqndle ours,i agree and disagree with alott of ppl on here.its just this is not the place to diguss it.most of you came from the pen with this,yea i know .starting in rankin county.then where ever you go with it from county,partchmen,all over the state.then you get out and find its totaly is what it is.but let me also say this,they have task forces out there just reading everything you right on thease pages.gathering info on you and your nation.if you want to follow your lit to the T,do whats right,follow the bible,and become a leader in your comunity.its not about gang bangin anymore,or colors.are sets,are gives you a verry bad image.and the rest of the nation as a whole.many of you dont even know what its like to hold a job,are lead,but you wanna hold a higher spot of a nation.that aint how it works,you gotta be a man before anything,alott of you are doing drugs and its in the 13,no mind altering drugs...but i see yall talking about gitiing dat aint da way,,find your tru ways,stop praying on colors,stop worrieng about waht the next set are organation is doing,just do true to your selves.then you will be able to be true to your cause..i know my way,i know where i came from,and i know where im going..just keep it real within you.i 1 LUV

  20.  I've read every post and all but a few are in violation ! Get up on ya lit and guide your brothers and sisters back to the righteous path. Some are makeing this great nation look very bad and drawing unwanted attention to your brothers and there locations. Handle busness dont tell and talk about it. The internet is monitured by several government agentcies both state and federal as well as the enemies this nation must defend itself against. Study your 13, remember and live by them and you can only grow in strength. To the ones disn you will run across a real royal soon enough and get set straight. I leave as i came p.m.l

  21. I a member of the largest street gang in the world... That's right POLICE and call us what you want we dont give a s**t in the END we always WIN...  Now in my career i have had the pleasure of locking up a bunch of you SCR mother f****r's I have never seen or even heard of the SCR's who are sucessfull people in society the only one's that are ever known are the low down trailer trash and drug pusher's that we so love to lock up and throw away in the prison system. So if there are some good SCR's like you people say they are come on people control your Gang or " organization " they making you bad. Yal are right you f****r's are everywhere and we " POLICE " may not get you all but we gonna try our best one at a time and we look dam good to the public everytime we get one of you.. oh yeah just in Mississippi our street gang has increased by 1,512 since Oct of 2009. So lets do some math one of them POLICE will probably arrest and convict 3 of you t**d'S as we like to call you so that would take 4,536 t**d'S off the street just by the new POLICE OFFICER'S d**n that means we POLICE are alot more sucessfull as an ORGANIZATION... Peace Out!!!!!!!!! TRUE LOVE TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN BLUE!!!!!!!!!

  22.  SCR lives off of GDN knowledge. Say what you want, over 70% of your so called lit is from King Hoover.  Also to enlighten most of you, the alliance has been broken. When war started between SCR and Spanish Kings, also Gangster Deciples ( King Hoover) and Black Deciples (king Shorty) the nation stubbled and Folk nation now stands alone on one organization. Growth and Development is King Hoover's view which stands for GD. The change of an image for better growth and development of our BOSS ( Brothers of strong struggle). Its 360 degrees of knowledge and All is One, but One is All now. All is still not well, nor ever will be. With all that being said Im sure you will do your thing in Mississippi and keep growing. Just do know that in Chi-town we are not One. We see a SCR we jump on site. 

    Also there is no longer 274 BGD, nothing comes before the G. That goes for IGD as well, you are not a listed set with GDN. 7.4.14. One can be GD or BD, and we are at war. This is real knowledge from the mother land. I walked the yellow brick road, and this is what was told. 

    Please get up to date with your knowledge, and dont false represent. The six point star is of King David, and will be honored as so. King of all Kings.

    PML to all 7.4.14 BOSS 720

    GD till the world blows

    Free King Hoover


  23. I have a question for and royals in the hancock county and harrison county area... I dont know much and was never really told much but my boyfriend is looking to do at least 2 years in jail...well i know that he was prospecting under someone and that person died and when he died he went out of control and was acting crazy and cursing some of yalls superiors and i even believe fighting some..and i was told that he did things he wasnt supposed to do unless he was initiated a royal...his brother is a royal and was told that people in jail wanna fight him and now he is i guess scarred to go to jail bc he thinks he is going to get killed...what are the repercussions i guess of his actions that he did for when he does go to jail?

  24. pml tml nel to all real brothas that represent vicksburg is where its at we dont play petty bullshit like other states ms is the strongest state of roylas there is and some are jus mis guided and havent found the true way to live and die by the code and also ned to practice law #1 to the fullest u are violating by puttin lit on the internet ur prolly the ones gettin all of us brought down by the f****n pigs straightin up or i will find u and i will end u

  25. I'm from Jackson and I've never seen a royal that has done anything positive for mankind. I'm not saying that I really know the organization. But my parents left me when I was young and I havent been in any type of gang or organization to this day. This royal bullied my little brother so I went to fight him. I came by myself to his house. He acted like a badass and then ran away when it was time to box. 10 other royals surrounded me and jumped me. 4 of the b*****s got knocked out until one of them hit me in the head with a steel pipe. I got back up and they all left their own house and I was still ready to fight. True story. I dont see how being a part of that earns you any kind of respect. A real man would have fought me hisself. Then bygones would be bygones and I would have shook his hand if he beat my a*s.

  26. First off let me start off by saying that I am a well respected sister on the coast  agree with a few people on here, we are not a gang we are a family I have helped bury 3 Brothers in the past year.. I have been there thick and thin with mine.. I have full RESPECT for my jackson family they struggle everyday like we do on the coast. We are not a buch of Tweeked out meth heads yes there is a few that are out there a lil sideways but all you can do is guide them back the right way... I have been down since day one I would never turn my back on one of mine.. I dont run around here disrespectin another set.. We have our familys to take care of and this family being one of them. I have seen alot of fake and alot of real... As far as laws being broke ha that happens everyday But Me I am only one person and cant fix them all..All I can do is try.So I leave as I came with PML TML NEL.. Jackson keep your head up Love ya SIS ....RL Qu33N TT

  27. im a royal from meridian and a ranking member and i dont see why we have people on here talking bout who superiors are and putting names and s**t out there for everyone to see that the kind of s**t that gives us bad names remember ur laws remember ur rules remember what u stand for u no what u are u dont have to run around telling people this and that just be u be royal pml to all royals love yall

  28. im not a royal but i got bras that are here in the burg they aint out to start s**t just make that money but if you do f**k with a true royal you will get your wig split straight up no bullshit an if i wanted in at any time my boy T-bird  will bless me in  we got em in glendale petal purvis burg brooklyn carns wiggins they bunch of southern boys down here some are thugs though but thats them.




  32. this is scarlet baby all those talking s**t. we are an organization not what all these lames are talking about. Been down since day one. Repn it to the fullest. I live by and die by and to all those who think diffrent f**k you. Sir Bolt, Sir Whiteboy, and to all my otha brothers. pml.. One love. shout out to all my royals in 228 p.m.l t.m.l n.e.l

  33. ive been a $CR sence day one and i love it i would do anything for my brothers and anything they ask me ONE LOVE to all yall holdin it down in the gulfcoast region we keepin it strong

  34. I am from Chi-Town, white neutron, never needed a gang to take care of business. I give props to SCR, GL's and any other white gang holding it down and giving the others a run for their money. Have at it, put these other races that are in gangs a run for their money.  

  35.  im a rot on you a*s likin scum killer ALMIGHTY CHICAGO ROYAL KILLER  SHORTY G/LORD NATION  CASPER FRITZ ROT

  36. I'm gonna have to say the Royals I know have nothing to do with any addictive drugs and they all believe in God. They are really good people and great friends to have. They would do anything for anybody to help them out.. I'm sure just like with everything else that there are some ppl who are hippocrites and make the others look bad, but a true Royal is a genuinely good person...


  37. this is sir ghost and let me tell all the brothers and sisters out there that r real about what they r. we r not followers and for all the weak b*****s that think we r following the concepts of other "organizations" kiss my a*s!!!! ive been in this for over 15 yrs and no one will ever disrespect my knowledge and my beliefs of this great white nation. u can say what u want about us, but when it all comes down to it dont talk about it be about it b***h!!!!!!!!

  38. True enough ya'll niggas up north might scream that almighty s**t. But lemme fill you in on a lil something bra, THIS IS THE DIRTY SOUTH so Jus Respect It and keep our name out ya mouth. $CR and Folk alike. ONE LOVE to all my Brothers. PML,TML,NEL for now and ALL times. ROYAL LOVE.  

  39. Mississippi does have MANY Simon City Royals, don't f**k around with them, or you'll get your head busted. And no they do not do meth, if worse comes to worse they may end up in the crack game.---GD---

  40.  hahahahahaha the white trash level on this page is at maximum... (go ahead and say ohhhhhhhhhhhhh we gonna find you niggaaaaaaaaa) SCR's are located in trailer parks all across Mississippi.. and are in fact the weakest bunch of fuckers ive ever met... see moms this is why you hug your kids instead of doing meth and whoring yourselves out.. because when you do your kid will turn into a royal... oh f**k kings, crips, bloods, and all that too ... they all suck a*s


    each of you is weak as minnow p**s f**k you

  41. Gaylord Luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. look all u niggas say u royal and s**t blurtin that s**t out we gonna have no pitty under yall niggas look ... thet niggas yellin that jus stop clameing u vilateing in on law 1 ight niggas so f*k all u fake b*****s im in the 228 sir dub, sir sneak, and sir slick forgot sir sip we terring this b***h up so f**k yall niggas w8 till  i meet lil fake b*****s all ways "no pitty in simon city" get that threw that yall heads ight niggas hit u wit dis 22 btw hollow out all my niggas ...... kk..     KING KILLA!

  43. This is $1R WH1TEBOY from da 228 sayin ONE LOVE to all my true brothers out there. I say we deep off in dis b***h, if we aint in your city we will b there in a minute! so i suggest all u f****n haters out there keep Royal Buidness out ya mouth. There is NO PITY for ya down here.Just wanted to holla at all my brothers and sisters stay 600% no matter what and rep your city G-Town Baby PML NEL ONE LOVE!  Simon City 4 Life!  $1R WH1TEBOY

  44. all of you who enjoy flaunting what and where you are are obviously not true to the family. you are putting yourselves and all around you out there which is far from kosher. the new generation has destroyed everything that has taken so long to build because its all about status to you morons. but yall keep on doin what you do and those of us who are true and loyal will continue to seek you out to rectify your ignorance......... oh and incase youre lurkin queen mommy hen the m**********r is still alive and well.. love to all

  45. The Royals in Mississippi are all Almighty mostly and run the 360 lit.
    They NEED to be on some Traditional s**t and use OUR lit and not the G.D's.
    Im sick of people living off of another organization's fame.
    We in ILLINOIS respect our own lit and colors. The Royals in Mississippi need to heed my warning that this Halloween and every Halloween we're going to straighten up Royals in MS with REAL lit and real Intellect. CAESAR

  46. They are deceived by the devil and on their way to h**l to burn forever for eternity screaming where the worm never burns. That's the real not this fake devil RIP deception. The world doesn't need unrepentant criminal gangsters and neither does God. Turn to God or burn with the devil at the end. That's the truth straight.

  47. all the scr niggas i've met are fake a*s b*****s just wish there were more real scr niggas around

  48. s**t dis $1R J166¥ from Philadelphia, MS.... s**t y'all will never know where the royals are at in da sip... Cause mutha fucka we everywhere.... And we deep as f**k up here.... PML bc TML is NEL for now and all times to come.... Royal Love.... $1R J166¥

  49. To my bro from wabo.1 luv brotha. That's right wabo got plenty

  50. picayune and the gulf coast,, parchmen

  51. anyone ever got out and lived the good life

  52. death to all who disrespect let are brothers be pml r.i.p lil.p gone but not forgoten

  53. +
    yo im blood suuwooop yall no red all day wat the f**k is a royal that s**t sounds so f****n g*y b***h yall come see me withe the hands

  54. this is sir dago why you people worried bout all the wrong things. our scr nation was formed on blood, courage and sacrifice. to be worried about where a location is at only disrespects the fallen brothers who gave their lives for this mighty nation. let the talkers talk we brothers be about. pml for the R'z now for the brothas in miss i will be down there soon just north of tupolo we'll kick it. no pity in my city.

  55. Here's my perspective on this topic...and I am not about to tell you where we are located. Yes, there has been alot of bullshit and wrong-doings...but that is not from the entirety of the organization. It's a shame that some brothers prefer to cook dope and sling hard drugs (excluding marijuana...atleast let us have our weed!) than go out and work a 9-5 or pursue an education. I was born in the streets as a Royal, I've been locked up as a Royal,..I sawdifference in the brothers there and here. And as far as gangs go...i guess call it what you want. Click, family, gang, organization, firm, whatever. But to be honest...the biggest most dirty gang are the police. Not speaking about every officer of the law. Too many cops become officers on patrol to harass teen's and people in small towns b/c there is not enough real crime. I know from experience. SO before you criticize what I am, look yourself in the mirror and at your local police force who get's a big head for wearing a gun and a badge. No one is perfect, and i do apologize to anyone and everyone who has ever been victimized or harrassed by a supposed Royal,...because alot of those runnning around saying thats what they are just read s**t off the interenet...JUST LIKE THIS SITE! So realize this everyone.....we're not going anywhere, it might take some time but the righteous shall be seperated from the fake,..and i say righteous as in the eyes of God, righteous being defined as right in the eyes of God. Oh, and by the way..we are a religous organiztion...some members more than other, or less than others. I could go on and on but I'm not gonna put myself out there. But I leave you with this....whatever you are,..a Royal, an LK, Gnagster, VL, Police officer, Mason,'re suppose to be a man before anything else. Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you have gained some understanding on how I feel about what i believe in and the situation i have been put in by ignorant "brothers". THose who don't practice what they preach are truly a shame to this organization. To my brother and sisters, ALL3 loves - sincerely, a member of the SCRN from the 601. God bless you.

  56. Ok I have been a prospect for over 6 months.. I claim lost cause. At first I thought it was all cool. Read the 13 laws givin to me... First I thought that's cool but then... I realized they are lies?? because I see them bein broken by every single royal I have met... I know you cant expect every single person to follow them.. but when every royal you meet has been locked up for meth and everything else.. Told to better my self when I look around I noticed I am the only one with a clean record... so if these laws were real how come I only see me being able to follow every single 1 of them??? If I do go through with it will I end up like the rest? these are just the thoughts in my head. Anyone else notice what I am saying? Maybe someone could persuade me better or help me understand..

  57. hey let me give a shout out to my niggas in gport and biloxi s**t this SIR DUB s**t if any niggas from g-port biloxi or some s**t wanna kick it my niggas i stay in da grove PML.. to da real niggas heads up for my brathas if u live in gpt aka (228) thats were im from my niggas hit me back up on here ight pce    {by the way for the brathas out there if u stay in gpt(228) the sip hit me up my email is pce brathas and queens almighty all day

  58. livin in New Orleans now, but from WABO...that's Waynesboro b*****s!!!

  59. there are not any real simon city royals in mississippi all of their lit is purely made up or GDN lit.we are almighty folks.but every body thinks kings and lords are almighty their are 4 type of folks gangster imperial almighty and maniac folks. i wish you guys in mcl would listen because you are living a lie there is no knights or insane the only insane was long passed allience with the guys in mississippi need to wake up.almighty Rs to the stars!

  60. $IR TRIP here in g port.. just got out of jail lookin for some structure, pml to all knights and queens

  61. man i am in alabama nad ain't nobody found me here! I am originally from Biloxi but I got into some s**t now i can't find anyone! anyone in mobile speak up man!

  62. South of Heaven and North of h**l

    Queen ME

  63. PML to all brothers and queens. As a long term member of our royal nation i have noticed ,at least here in north near mtown , we have a lack of structure as far as statewide business ,statewide unity ,and accountability for violations and false flaggers. We should all step up and try to correct this for the love and benefit of this great royal nation. If you are in north like me hit me up at sirchunk74 at yahoo google or hotmail.
                                                                      $ir Chunk

  64. Philadelphia

  65. Dont worry about where they are. If your neutral, it doesnt matter, if your an ally, then they're beside you, and if your an enemy, they are right in front of you. Much Loco Love to all Real Rz. Peace.

  66. Royal Queen shoutin out from Natchez. we really deep down here. dont get it twisted!!!

  67. hold up, T.P., f**k any n***a talkin s**t on scr, Biloxi stand up! Caint nobody f**k wit us right now, i dont know bout you, but my click tight. Shout out to my lil bro. sir dopey.PML royal love

  68. meridian and lauderdale co. lot of scr around there some will ride on ya but  most of em weak

  69. this is sir crook we stay in the N A SO GET THAT STRAIT!!!!!!

  70. what kind of organization is scr b/c i seen some pics with 5 point stuff disrespected and 6 point stuff disrespected

  71. This is Sir Psycho Wite we all up in Tupelo

  72. Yo this is
    Sir Smoke From the Wave yea thats right Waveland Folk Nation to the fullest We runnin' this b***h.

  73. there once was an owl who lived in an oak the more he herd the less he spoke the less he spoke the more he herd thats why we should all heed this wise bird!!!!!!!!! 19-3-18 remember your laws mainly law 1 ,most of you are violating!!!!!!!!

  74. THIS IS SIR BOUDREAUX HAILING FROM B-TOWN THATS BILOXI FOR THOES WHO DONT KNOW PLENTY BUT NEVA ENOUGH LOVE TO ALL MY BROTHERS.TRU BLUE BABY FOR  NOW AND ALL TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19-3-18

  75. be aware of IP addresses and they DO give your locations. Just a thought.

  76. Its $ir 70Ki from da Burg Holding down.... b33n down till faul s**t popp3d off.. And th3 on3 bro i trust lost in da light... young a dumb a*s bros kicking wif veterans reach me at

  77. I am located in Picayune 19-3-18  All day long

  78. FIRST OFF WE NOT A GANG.....ITS AN ORGANIZATION and we are everywhere in mississippi...laurel, ellisville, and the burg thats wassup........ 6 up and their aint no pitty in simon city ....sir outlaw

  79. First of all, to whomever posted to tell Dozer they are coming might want to steer clear of him. He has certain "benefits" offered by the law enforcment agencies of Jackson and surronding areas. Secondly, I personally know about 400 Knights from the Jackson area, as well as a couple hundrd from the Coast. Also in Desoto, as well as Memphis. Lawrence Co has some righteous ones too. And lastly to the idiot who so harshly judged Royals. I am an educated woman with a very good job. No b*****d children. No meth labs. I have my own home. I was drug down for a short time by a "wrong place wrong time" situation, but I have recovered stronger than ever. I do not sell drugs, or rob or commit any other illegal activity, I strive for the betterment of my self, my famil, and my community.

    All 3, RQK

  80. madison, jackson, ridgeland. Im looking for ya'll, i will find ya'll.
    Tell Dozer and hazard im almost to them.

  81. this is justin k sir bolt and buck city 228 biloxi is home

  82. im 19-3-18 all day everyday..
    put down right here in cleveland motha f****n ms, C-town til i go down
    i dont kno 1 royal from here that even hardly kno what meth is..
    its in our laws no injection of any addictive drug..
    so the lil b***h that think he hard come to c-town and scream SCR and see whats up..we DO carry gats for protection from ni66as thinkin they ready to get it strait this a O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.A.T.I.O.N!! NOT A GANG..

    SIR TEER!!

  83. I am a Royal from Starkville also their are Royals in Eupora,Ackerman,West point,Columbus just about everywhere because they got put down in Mississippi prisons thats how it got so stong here mississippi has more blacks than whites in prison so they join up for protection.

  84. Pretty much everywhere, I'm from Meridian, MS and Trevor Bunyard is the superior and Leake County, Allen Alford is the Superior and then Biloxi, Justin Knotts is the Superior. SIR SWISHER

  85. we every where from da coast 2 alabama all da royals i no is 4rm da burg and purvis and if u dont no wat da burg is itz hattiesburg b***h and i no im violateing we aint no gang we an organization and i dont no 1 royal dat sales meth or has killed anybody so get yo s**t strait 4 u go talkn bout some s**t you dont even no

  86. The problem with most of the other Royals, as I am a ranking member, you are forgeting law 1. You all need to remember the laws and codes that have made us who we are. Look back on Law 1, whats it say, you Royal's are breaking that law, if I was sanctioned there now, you would be under violation.

    No Pity


  88. 2751495.
    look here you dumb b***h. are u a simon city royal??? 19 3 18 all day everyday. Ive been a royal since day one but never once have i touched meth. so f**k you. and for your info we are far from a gang. a ORGANIZATION is what we are. all because some dumb a*s kid wants to run around saying he is a royal doesnt make him one. HE does some dumb s**t and thats on him. but us real royals kno whats up knows our codes and the laws we live by. so f**k you u retarded b***h. P.M.L> to all my family. 18 12

  89. They are major Meth dealers and they do so murder people from what I know about them here, there no different from the other gangs here in MS only they are mostly white. Just goes to show that there is white trash as well. And I'm sure they do like to stir up drama, thats what they're in a gang for isn't it? Because its d**n sure not to be a hard working good citizen for our Mississippi community.

  90. I'm a Simon City Royal from Mississippi n to tell u da truth were EveryWhere...I no MS has to have thousands of Royals...don't misjudge us by lettin a couple bad apples spoil the barrel

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