What are three Qualities of Successful Civilizations?

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  1. 1,monetary system to facilitate trade and markets.
    2,writing to keep records, historical, scientific, and financial.
    3. source of energy: primitve civilizations usually utilize slave labor of captives taken in battle. Modern civilizations find slaves too expensive and use cheap machinery and fossil fuel instead.

    There are plenty more.
    An educational system is a must beyond the simplest of tribes.
    Regretably all successful civilizations seem to require a religion and a caste of priests. This allows strong social control and cultural identification.

    Try playing Civilization II by Sid Meier. Nothing better to understand the dynamics of civilizations

  2. Being a strong proponent of nationalism, I'd have to say that the three most important qualities they have in common are 1) Common values, traditions, and cultural icons, 2) Shared ethnicity and general culture, or at least perception of shared ethnicity and culture, and 3) A strong centralized nationalistic government with direct control and communication with all other segments of society.

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