What are some free stardoll cheats to becoming a superstar?

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  1. Guest21426

     If this works I will be so f*****g happy! I have wanted a suoerstar/royalty for so long but my mom wouldnt let me get one, I have been looking for cheats to get free superstar/royalty for 3 months now and none of them have worked. I have tried so many websites and generators but they have not worked. If this works I will be so happy I might just cry but if it doesnt I will still cry (because I am so sad) so sif this works I will be the happiest girl ever......

  2. Guest10705

     I Saw Something from people's websites and also and try one cheat. It was for free and then I got SUPERSTAR for Free. U can do it:

    ...Go to ur email and write your username and pasword on Stardoll like this:

    Username:abcd   Password:abcd

    and send it to


    Or change the email from ur stardoll account

    Then u'll get free Superstar  or Royalty membership for five months.

    Chek out my suite:JesusFreak188









  3. Guest189

    Hacking ANYTHING is like, illegal. Please don't. It's only like 6 dollars per month 4 membership.I hate that stardoll has so many FAKE employees.




  4.  please guys stop doing these scams if you want to do it then just dont please because that is called disrespectfull ifyou guys do i promis you i will give you my account and its a superstar account please just stop what you are doing if you want my account here take one thats not a superstar for now u=shahdkittycat p=taw7eed i promis this will work you cant change the password becuase then you will need my email and im not giving it to you until you stop these scams oh and can u please make her a super star i beg you

  5. some of this stuff works

  6. how do you send things  to other people

  7. i know an account u can use : username:tulip9089 pass:24shift



    my name on stardoll is LIBSTARNKITTY i would love u to gb comment thank you so much for rading this PLEASE visit me x

  9. I don't believe any of this. This is all a joke. People just want to scam you and try to hack you. Whatever you do, don't listen to these Stardoll cheats because you can get hacked. Be careful!

  10. dont beleive any of this you send your pass to that porsons email then they hack or scam you so if you want to be hacked or scammed then its your lost. the emails that they get you to send your username and pass to they make sound like a stardoll email well there not there random people so if i was you dont beleive these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    :) OMGGGGG!  send xcupcake-cutie a working super star membership code or 3 super star gifts and she'll give you... 1000 STARDOLLARS!!!! I KNOW I CANT BELIVE IT!!!! ITS NOT A SCAM, SHE'S MY BEST MATES COUSIN BUT YOU'VE GOT TO BE NICE TO HER TO GET THE MONEY!!!! OHHHH, IM SOOOOOO HAPPY IM RICH!!!! PLEASE TRY IT, YOU'LL BE AS HAPPY AS ME AND YOU'LL BE RICHHHHHH!!!!( you have to add her as a friend first!!!) BUT IT MAY TAKE LONG, IT TOOK 4 DAYS BEFORE I GOT MY MONEY BUT TRY IT, IT RELLY WORKS!!!

    happy spending :) x*x

  12. As I said if u want any cheat:

    1-Open your e-mail

    2-Start writing a message

    3-Write the cheat you want in the Subject Bar

    4-Write your Stardoll Nickname and Password in the message

    5-Send this e-mail to

    6-Wait 20 Minutes until you log in

    7- Then log in you will find the cheat you requested.

    do that!


  13. As I said if u want any cheat:

    1-Open your e-mail

    2-Start writing a message

    3-Write the cheat you want in the Subject Bar

    4-Write your Stardoll Nickname and Password in the message

    5-Send this e-mail to

    6-Wait 20 Minutes until you log in

    7- Then log in you will find the cheat you requested.

    do that!


  14. thiss is a bunchh of bullshit i want to be a ss badly but my mom wont let me and its not fair why do they have to have all of our info :(

  15. well if you send a gift 2 fashionrocks4me (this is not lie ) you get 4 gifta back and 6020 stardollars i am not lieing please try it i did and it works

  16. shittt


  17. plz visit me and go to my suite on stardoll im michaeljen1 plz dont be mean im only 10

  18. If you want some true real cheats just go straight to it is one of the absolute best sites to go onto.......
    Hope it helps 'ya


  20. guys everyone i am new on here and found this cheat from my best friend she said if you are a superstar email they are the proper workers for stardoll and give them your name and password because they can edit stardoll they can edit your coins to 9500 and edit your superstar membership to like 3 years and save and also edit prices down to like 1 sd for you too buy after you have the money, but if you are not a superstar email them your mobile number which they will put into there stardoll software and send you a code that code you will place into the gift card bit and you get lots of money dont worry it doesnt cost anything sometimes you might have to reply Y to said to say you got it and it is the right number but sometimes you dont depends im not sure lol but i did the mobile one when i was not a superstar then the the 1st one after its amazing they are so kind and nice do it quickly before tonight! in england if your in america or any other contry make sure you do it today!! thanks yall x
    make sure you do it , its 100% safe way to get money on stardoll!

  21. i will try it


    all you have to do is:

    1.) click on the link below:

    2.) EARN 10 POINTS ONLY!!!!
    3.) You can buy your stardoll prepaid card!

  23. dont trust the girl that did the superstar for Guest20433548
    i cheacked the account and they messed it up it says in the pres "im a loser hahaha.... XD" and the doll has no clothes so dont ask the twins they give u SS but they mess up ur account

  24. okay this works i am now a superstar check out my page artsydancestar
    these twins will give you free superstar they made a new account because their old one got banned and theyre doing their own soon anyway send two gifts to amyandelisia for extended ss or send 5 gifts to them to get one year ss

  25. One of the free stardoll cheats for getting a free superstar is sending your email,User name and password to and then i will send u a free stardoll membership for nothing. The now u are all probably trieing to figer out how i know this and i know this because my mum works for stardoll and she has worked for 10 years and that is why i have lots of stardoll memberships that i do not want and there is only 13 going so get in there and by the way there is only 1 year on everyone and 13 people must have them because i have 30 of them!!!

    Sorry but this is only for Stardoll members =( This cheat does work i Pinky Promise so please try this and every day [well not everyday]i will try to tell u how many membership cards are left.  Hope u like your Membership cards for free!!! This is not a hack or a scam i absoulutely promise.

  26. no guys dont give ur pass away now this is a way that my best friend told me add this girl on stardoll called FashionQueen-x3 ok send her a nice frind request then send her a valaid code superstar code log off ur account for 4 mins log back in and your code that u gave will have been activated n ur account but triple the money and triple the time for a superstar so say if the code gave u 100 stardollars and 1month superstar she will giv u 300 and 3 months i did it its brilliant now im a superstar forver to tell its not a scam shes even not a superstar she dont take the code she activates them with a system on her laptop do it quick she will soon stop doing it!

  27. Ive heard that you can change your email in

    You can get free superstar, and if you already are a superstar, than you can get xtra superstar and money, go to this link to see that it is true:

  28. The only way u can become a superstar is if u pay 4 it but their is a way u can become 1 without paying, all u hav 2 do is click on this link & join the website. Once u've done dat all u hav 2 do is complete short surveys which will enable u 2 get points & once u've got enough u can use da points 2 get a stardoll gift card. Hope u enjoy being a superstar! :D

  29. Hey, guy's. Don't be gullible. None of this stuff works. It's all a scam. There are absolutely no cheats for Stardoll. You can not become a superstar unless you pay, you can not get starpoints unless you play and you con not get any clothes or items unless you buy them with stardollars. Do not send your username and password to any e-mail. They WILL hack your account. Be careful!

  30. someone told me if u send ur user and pass to they will make u a superstar and stardoll employee it really works i tried it and now im ss forever

  31. someone told me if u send ur user and pass to the person will make u SS and make u an employee im pretty sure it works but i cant get on stardoll no more my parents say its inapropriate or sumtin like tht and im like ????? ok? parents r so uncool hopefully i can sneak on there sometime!! so :( lemme know if it works!!

  32. I love Stardoll and the best Stardoll cheats I found were on

    These really work!


  34. Guest14903822
    i sent my email address and my stardoll user name and my pass to but she didnt answer she was offline wat shall i do???? please answer me.....

  35. All you have to do is send your pass and username and starpoint balance to

  36. All you have to do is send your pass and username and starpoint balance to

  37. is a sick way of getting 200 star dollars for non superstars and 500 as well as extended superstar for superstars. non superstars can also become superstars just send your email address and star doll user name and password to telling them if you want e.g
    200 star dollars and superstar member ship or if you want extended member ship and 500 star dollars..wait for about three mins until she emails you back saying it's complete . I've been a superstar for three months now coz at first she only gives you a month free but once you keep emailing her she adds more i done this and i got superstar membership at first i was worried of getting hacked as is everyone but she is so nice and wont hack you.

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