What are queen Elizabeth I achievements?

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  1. Elizabethean Religious Settlement
    Poor Laws
    Spanished Armada
    Ruling, not just reigning, and as a woman
    Encouraging woman to be educated
    Political cleverness/ knowledge of languages
    Dealing with foreign affairs personally

  2. she survived various catholic plots and conspiracies

    she proved you can rule without a king by your side

    she survived serious small pocks illness but had lots of scars on her face that she covered up with thick white makeup

  3. Queen Elizabeth made many contributions to even the Word today.  First, she established England as a major power not only in Europe, but the world.  Her national treasury by the time she died in 1603 made England the wealthiest nation, where as when she was crowned England was bankrupt.  Elizabeth was a very intelligent states person, she was able to foil numerous plots to overthrow, assassinate, and invade.  Unlike her predecessor Mary I, she dealt with the Religious problems not by means of execution and torture, but sought to find common ground with Catholics and Prodistants (The Act of Uniformity, Act of Supremacy).  The defeat of the Spanish Armada with tactics not strength (as England didnt have the capacity to wage a toe to toe naval battle with Spain).  Exploration and Arts were huge achievements (Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raliegh, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon to name a few).  Moreover laws protecting the poor, she had a deep care for the people of England, and in return she is probably one of the most beloved monarch by a nation.  I feel her greatest achievement was that she was able to overcome adversity, more so that most male counterparts ever knew, and rose to the top. Most remember Elizabeth for the fact an entire age was named for her, the Golden Age, and the Elizabethan Era are still shining examples of human triumph.

  4. one is that she defeated the spanish Armada.

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