***What addiction centers specialize in food addiction?***?

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It's easy to find drug & alcohol centers, but I can't seem to find ones who treat food addictions. Please let me know if you know of any.





  1. A food addiction is a process mental disorder. It refers to the compulsive, obsessive craving for and eating of food.   It is similar to alcohol and drug addiction but the addiction is to a process not a substance. It is marked by a preoccupation with food, the availability of food and the anticipation of the good feelings derived from eating food. Food addiction involves the repetitive eating of food when an individual knows that they should not eat in this way. This may result in a loss of control and preoccupation or the restriction of food and/or preoccupation with weight and body image.

    Weight Watchers & Jenny Craig not only are there for weight loss, but they have one-on-one counseling to deal with food addiction and other destructive behaviors.  Food addiction has not been publicly accepted as an "Addiction" such as drug and alcohol.  But rather an "eating disorder like bulimea or anirexia.

    There are a few dr. that deal with the real life struggle of food addiction.

  2. Alcohol addiction can be very serious. Many everyday people have lost jobs, family, friends, and loved ones simply because they could not tame thier alcohol habit. I recommend you seek some help. I found a site that has addiction information and a directory of addiction treatment centers so you can help.

    Get healthy!

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