What Is Import Duty On Cars In India?

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If I Buy A Car From Japan At 800,000 How Much It Will Cost Me In India After Adding Up All Duties And Excise etc.




  1. If you wish to Import a new cars in India, you will be allowed to import it only through Mumbai port (Nhava Sheva), Kolkata and Chennai. While second hand vehicles being imported should not be more than three years old and conform to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, (1989). Imported automobiles should have a minimum residual life of five years and the importer should ensure supply of spares and service during this period.

  2. If you Buy A Car From Japan At 800,000 it should cost you 2 times that amount to bring it to india. Import duty on the used cars in india is 200% so be ready to pay that on top of the price you paid. Just because you have paid 800k doesn't mean the actual price of the car is that, indian customs go by their own value book and its the price in that book you pay 200% duty.


  3. i want to sent a old car value £15000.00 to india ,what will it cost all in. ?

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