What, if anything, am i doing wrong?

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Just joined the so-called Yahoo groups Video Archive. When selecting a 'newly' archived file from either an email or from the Files section of a group, i go to so pre-determined files that have nothing to do with the original selection. After clicking through the SexKey ad, i don't see any other links other than the 'pre-determined' one. Where are these other files located?




  1. click on files in the home page..

  2. If you don't have a File button up top, that just means that you are missing a Menu toolbar.  To get this, put your arrow up in the grey area  under the URL address bar (anywhere that you have a little free space to put your cursor).  Right click and you should get the option of adding or deleting certain toolbars.  Make sure the Menu Bar option is checked.  Once you check it, you should get a whole other row of drop down menu options which will include "FILE"

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