Westmead Shaw favourite to win Sittingbourne Sprint

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Westmead Shaw favourite to win Sittingbourne Sprint
Westmead Shaw holds the highest betting odds for Sittingbourne Sprint, a high-voltage Open Race that will be held at Sittingbourne track on Sunday night, May 20. The action is scheduled to take place at 18:57 (GMT).
The Open Race over a distance of 265 metres contains £200 in the prize purse. Westmead Shaw is determined to test his racing credentials against Run Peter, Loughbeag Roopy, Knowsley Note, Oklahoma Molly and Romeo Mercury.
The N. Savva-trained black dog bagged a couple of consecutive triumphs in April 2012. The three-year-old veteran hound moved on to finish as runner-up in his last outing on May 14.
Prior to these classic feats, the brilliant son of Ballymac Maeve out of Westmead Swift accomplished a fabulous hat-trick during October-November 2011. Overall, he poses to be a consistent performer. He has been winning with regular intervals since the very
beginning of his career.
Keeping in view the maverick dog’s impressive track record, the bookmakers have tagged him as the hot favourite runner for today’s Sprint.
By capitalising well on his capabilities and the favourite tag, the skilled sprinter will be able to beat his rivals convincingly. His chances to finish first are as high as 90 percent.
 Among the other hounds, Knowsley Note and Romeo Mercury are also likely to fight hard for success.
Knowsley Note has been in good form since the dawn of the calendar year. The B. Connolly-trained white and black dog excellently won two races in March followed by an epic victory on April 14. After finishing 2nd in two more contest during April,
the experienced hound bagged a couple of consecutive victories in the first half of May.
On the other hand, Romeo Mercury also delivered some outstanding performances during the last four months. After gaining two victories in February, the G. Coney-trained black dog achieved two consecutive triumphs in March. He again won a big race on March
Thus, there is likely to be a tough tug of war for the Sprint title. Let us see who manages to carry the day. Good luck to all the contestants.
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