Welding Concern on the frame of a Motorcycle?

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A couple weeks back I hit a "gremlin" in the road, I use the term gremlin as I didn't see what I hit and could not locate it after the fact. whatever it was it shredded the rear tire and scraped up the underneath of the bike. Just of the tire fixed, but the shop won't weld on the frame some an undisclosed reason (I asked they couldn't give me a good answer).

Anyway - I need to get a pin (spring attachment area) welded to the frame to hold the end of the spring that connects the jiffy stand (kickstand) to the frame. So the question is:

When welding on a bike is it better to use oxy acetylene or ARC (TIG/MIG) welding - I am curious because I have never welded on a motorcycle before and I am concerned that an ARC welder might mess up the electronics - I have a friend who can do both but I wondered has anyone ever done this - any suggestions will help -

Bike is a 2003 HD Sportster




  1. use oxy acetylene  for that  welding for 50 year now  build my own trikes different parts different welds are  better use the best for each job

  2. Tig is absolute best, Mig is quick....

    you can do oxy/acet, but you will fry way more paint and melt way more components...

    don't worry about your electronics, I've welded on things with PLENTY more electronics with no problem, ever...

  3. TIG it or MIG it. Disconnect your battery and put the ground wire from the welding machine as close to the spot you are welding as you can get it. Don't waste your time with oxy-acetylene. Find out what kind of metal it is for sure ( mild steel, chrome moly, etc) then use the proper filler for that metal.

  4. The shop won't weld on your frame because it opens up a big can of liability for them.

    Personally, I would TIG it.

    One thing you don't want is an Oxy/acetylene torch. Too easy to overheat and weaken the steel.

  5. If you have full electronic every thing on the bike assuming it;s a modern one, don;t go any where near it with tig welding. Some vehicles / bikes are OK, but unless you know and your welder know it's OK, use oxy only.

    You stand the risk of cooking evey thing electrical with tig.

  6. eyup mate  had brackets fitted to my motorcycle frame for a racing bar on a side car they used oxi & braised it on  & the piece i  ripped off had no problems for the 8 years i had the bike,

    so i would recommend oxi,  

    arc could cause problems,

  7. you can arc weld just disconnect the battery first

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