Wat is my name?

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type mr x in the answer box




  1. Homer Simpson

  2. MR.SE"X"

  3. if u don't know than how do i know

  4. "waste of two points"

    well I got two points for answering

  5. mr  x


  7. mr x

  8. mr t

  9. u can ask this ques to uosef

  10. mr x in the answer box

  11. mr x whatever

  12. mr x, was i just hypnotized?

  13. Mr.X, whr is Mrs.X?

  14. Mr. X

    thnx for the 2 points

  15. If you know your name and asking us to type it ( Mr X)  then why bother to ask the question.

    The issue here therefore is that Mr X is not your name. You actually have gone through a memory lapse and therefore do not know your actual name --- therefore you call yourself Mr X and you want to find out the truth.

    The truth is stanger than fiction. I am commissioning  James Bond to unravel the mystery. Till then continue to know  yourself as ------ Mr X

  16. Mr Smith.

  17. Mr X

    Homer Simpson

  18. He's the one who invented the Chemical X in PowerPuff Girls.

  19. Mr. x

  20. whatever your parents might have kept !!!!!!!!

  21. Mr. XXXXXX

    Are you happy now ?
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