WHAT'S YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING STORY?? I feel like laughing....

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Ill give you one of mine that I can remember..

Alright one day me & my previous gf agreed to take pictures of eachothers privates & when I was about to send her mine I sent it to my dads cell!! He called me 10min later & told me I had tha wrong numba!! I was so glad he was cool about it cus I was so embarassed but he made it a lil easier on me.. He teases me every so often but it doesnt bother me anymore..[OK THA BEST STORY I HEAR GETS 10 POINTS] Plz dont lie!




  1. We were having "Dress Up Day" when I was in 6th grade. My teacher had told us this story of how two boys in another homeroom dressed up as Lavern & Shirley from the tv show a few years earlier. She talked about how funny it was and wondered if any boys in our class were brave enough to do it. All of us boys had a crush on the teacher, and this one boy talked me and two others into agreeing to dress up.
    It was embarrassing just calling my neighbor and asking her to borrow some clothes. She was giddy and invited me over to pick out an outfit. My mom borrowed a wig and did my make up.
    I showed up at school in a long brown wig with a pink ribbon in it, wearing a pink blouse, black knee length ruffled skirt, white knee socks, shiny black girl shoes, and the make up. Not only were the other boys not dressed as girls, no one else was even wearing a costume of any kind!
    I had gotten mixed up and dressed up a day too early! 0_0
    I had to spend all day explaining what I'd done, being teased, and feeling ridiculous.

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