Vietnam International Challenge 2012: Parinyawat wins epic tussle against Yee Han Chong

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Vietnam International Challenge 2012: Parinyawat wins epic tussle against Yee Han Chong
Men’s singles shuttler of Thailand Parinyawat Thongnuam surged into the second round of Ciputra Hanoi Vietnam International Challenge by winning the epic tussle against Yee Han Chong on March 28, 2012.
The epic tussle lasted for 60 minutes and the final score of three games was 12-21, 21-16 and 21-11.
This 2-1 win paved Parinyawat’s path to the next round where he will test his skills against second seed Yong Zhao Ashton of Singapore.
The Thai shuttler did not have a perfect start in his opening match and proved himself slightly lazy by losing the first match point with a 9 point deficit.
The Malaysian shuttler Yee Han Chong launched a swift attack straight away in first set and pushed his rival on the back foot by remaining far ahead of him on the scoreboard in first half of the game.
After one minute break he further raised his lead and Parinyawat could not cover the huge gap with his small steps and stayed far behind Yee Han Chong who bagged the first set with significant margin of 21-12.
There was time in second set when it felt like the Malaysian is going to make his 1-0 lead a straight-set victory as he registered a decent score on the board in no time but Parinyawat put his expedition to halt with his strong backlash.
The Men’s singles expert of Thailand showed his brilliance in last half of the set and established his authority by claiming the crucial match point.
Parinyawat outclassed his opponent in all departments of the game and managed to put a decisive score 21-16 in his favour.
This 1-1 match score position made the contest more interesting and kept the spectators glued to their chairs. Both contestants were in high spirits despite of the exhausting two games.
The decider turned into a one-sided tussle to some extent as Thai shuttler remained in commanding position in most part of the third set. He kept his rival busy in just returning to his powerful strokes and wrapped the show with a distinctive margin of 21-11
in the end.
The Malaysian shuttler Yee Han Chong had to bid farewell to the event after this loss and Parinyawat marched into second round of Vietnam International Challenge 2012.



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