UEFA Champions League Match Report: Bayer Leverkusen vs Chelsea – Part 1

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UEFA Champions League Match Report: Bayer Leverkusen vs – Part 1
Chelsea travelled to to take on Bayer Leverkusen in the UEFA Champions League, in a game, which was turning out to be a must win for the Blues, in order for them to ensure their survival in the competition.
However, given the hundred percent home record that Leverkusen had established in the tournament, it was going to be a tough task for the Blues to break down the Germans. Especially given the fact that their domestic form was no where the level that it should
have been at.
Chelsea were also set to face off against their former midfielder
The match kicked off with both the teams cancelling each other out and not looking to cause any threats to the other. However, as the match progressed, both the teams slowly started to pick up the pace as they started to create a number of chances.
In the 33rd minute, whipped in a corner which was met by Ballack. The midfielder sent his effort towards the goal, but saw it crash off the crossbar. Friedrich tried to connect with the loose ball, but after raising his boot to a dangerously
high level, the referee ended up awarding a free kick in Chelsea’s favour.
In the 38th minute, Chelsea went on to dart forward, as they looked to attack the home side. Sturridge, went on to play Drogba on with a brilliant pass and saw the striker sweep in past the Leverkusen defenders. However, despite beating Leno to
the ball, the striker was denied a straight site of goal, as he was sent wide. The forward then went on to strike from a narrow angle and his effort ended up sailing well over the bar.
As the match progressed the two forwards continued to combine brilliantly and in the 43rd minute, they played some slick passes between the both of them. Drogba then went on to play Juan Mata on with a brilliant through ball, but the Spanish international
could only manage to shoot his effort towards Leno, who made a simple save.
Soon after, both the teams decided to just hold out till the half time break and following the referee’s whistle, they headed into the half time break.
Heading into the tunnel, Andre Villas-Boas seemed to be the manager with the most pressure on his shoulders, as he needed to produce a positive result in the game, considering the poor slump of form Chelsea found themselves in.



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