Tyrur kennels rock the third round of the Irish Derby

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Tyrur kennels rock the third round of the Irish Derby
Tyrur Big Mike was the fastest from the eight heats last night at Shelbourne Park in the third round of the Ladbrokes Irish Greyhound Derby.
The PJ Fahy-owned charge was tipped up early in the competition to be a big threat, and has finally managed to recapture his deadly form after powering his way to a 28.42sec [fastest time in this year’s Irish Derby] victory in heat three.
Tyrur Mcguigan was another one of Fahy’s kennel star to shock the crowd after taking heat six in which the strong charge took the difficult route from trap six around the 550 yards, but paced well to clock 29.84sec.
The heat also saw the surprise elimination of tipped up fancy’ Makeshift after taking a few early bumps and failing to hold on at the end to allow Killacolla Glory and Ballymac Under prevail to the quarter-final stages.
The night ended well for Fahy, who goes into next weeks quarter-final stages with four hopefuls after Tyrur Enda and Tyrur Richie also qualified successfully. The only upset for the Irish owner came from the second heat which saw Tyrur Bucko eliminated after finishing fifth in 29.86sec.
Big Mike now finds himself at the top of the ante-post market at 11-2 after Owen McKenna’s duo Farley Blitz and Farley Turbo also crashed out of the competition, but Big Mike will have to bring the same running boots with him next week in order to advance after being drawn in a very tight heat, which sees him up against the likes of Kinda Ready, Thurlesbeg Joker, Killacolla Glory, Mesedo Blue and Westmead Grant.
Quarter-final draw (Sat August 28)

1 Colorful Ch8amp
2 Whatsupjack
3 Tyrur Enda
4 Ballyac Under (m)
5 Monlesa Alsation (m)
6 Barefoot Bullet (w)
1 Blazers Black
2 Freedom Seacrest
3 Foyle Storm
4 Razldazl Lord
5 Krug Ninety Five (m)
6 Tyrur McGuigan (m)
1 Kinda Ready
2 Tyrur Big Mike (m)
3 Thurlesbeg Joker (m)
4 Killacolla Glory (m)
5 Mesedo Blue (m)
6 Westmead Grant (w)
1 Oran Jaguar
2 Definate Opinion
3 Tullymurry Act
4 Hats My Boy (m)
5 Tyrur Richie (m)
6 Dromore Hero (w).



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