Tylenol 3 AKA tylenol with codiene?

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um well im 15 ...i weight about 135 pounds and 5'1''...i just toke a tylenol 3 cause my mom has them for pain and ive always been courious...i only toke 1...and am starting to get nervous...i toke 1 bout 5 min what will happen? remeber i only toke 1 so will i feel much...and how long will it take for the buzz to go friend said he toke 8 T3's (Tylenol #3) so i dont think 1 can do much...also i have will ppower so i wont be addicted final set of questions:

How long will it last?

How long will it be in my blood+urine?

Should i go try and throw up right now before it takes effect?

Will it be able to sleep without nightmares?(like weeds gives u)

Whats your past experiance with it? (REMEBER ONLY TOKE 1!)

Thanks in Advance




  1. lol thats funny

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