Topics for MBA finance project-Banking related?

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  1. hi sandhya....

    better u do on NPA Management its really good topic for banking sector.. i hav tat project .my email id is




  3. Equity Valuation Financial Management :
    Financial Performance Analysis
    Financial Services ( Corporate Banking) on Retail Banking Products
    How To Acquire Clients-Perspective To xyz Bank's Private Banking Group
    Impact Of Credit Rating On Small And Special Reference
    Implication Of Basel Accord On Indian Banking System

  4. topics which is related to banking sector for project

  5. hai iam bond ,now iam doing in mba first year .coming summer project is finance  related. so kindly to give better topics about finance.

  6. what are the topics for banking report

  7. hello sandhya even i am doing my MBA in IPE i am also going through the same problem as your i am also planning to do my project in bank but i am not decided upon my topic can anyone please help me as soon as possible......

  8. Topics for MBA finance project-Banking related?

  9. you can work on the credit rating model followed by the bank and try to find out whether it is effective or not .
    also you can work on Project appraisal and financing done by them

  10. hai i am sandhya pursuing mba 2nd year third semister from  osmania university.i got an oppurtunity to do project in SBH. Can anyone kindly suggest me a topic for project to do in banks as i want to continue in bank field in my future too.

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