To ppl with monkeys// i am having a hard time finding a monkey tht is real i keep getting the fake scam monkey

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tht ppl sell monkeys take your money and never give you a monkey i want to find a breeder tht is close and tht someone allready bought from?? and buyers give me info//AND DONT SAYY ALL THIS c**p HOW I SHOULDNT GET A MONKEY ITS BAD I WILL GIVE IT A GOOD HOME, and YOUR COMMET WILL BE DELETED!!!/// i allready did myy info and plan on going to schooll for zoo oligy i am looking for 2 soo they have company i want to look at the breeders site soo put the site name orr email address orr ## thxx

ohh a capuchin monkey or something close and cute:)





    those are a few good sites. And the rule to NOT getting scamed its easy. Dont think you are going to get a cap for much less then 8000 if they are asking less then this ITS NOT REAL.  

  2. I dont think there are actually any "breeders"  Baby monkies are often stolen from their mother in the wild when they are just a few days old and then sold in the pet market.

    If you dont know how to obtain a monkey, then you havent done nearly enough research on them.  

    They are a 20-30 + year commitment, and its not like having a cute little infant..  monkies have special needs..  including social and mental needs.  Even cute tiny monkies can cause serious injury to a person.  They can also carry disease like tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis.

    Also you cannot just have a comment deleted simply because you dont like it.  A person has to actually be violating the terms of service.

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