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What should the cold tire pressure be for Goodyear P245/45R18 with a W rating? The max. is listed at 44lbs.




  1. 44PSI should be the Max "Cold Pressure"  Pressures for tires are always listed as cold pressures but I would run about 40 and or go by the listing for the vehicle either in the glove box or on the drivers door sill.

  2. If you open the driver door there should be a sticker on it that tells you what the manufacter recomends for your tire presure. Most cars are from 28 to 32 psi.

  3. These are obviously street only tires.

    For ride: see the door sticker or owners manual.

    For handling and fuel economy: 40 psi; it the ride is acceptable.

    Note when the tire heats up, the pressure will be higher.
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