Tire noise on Mazda CX9

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  1. Re: Tire Noise on Mazda CX-9.
    I have owned a 2007 CX-9 for almost 2 years now and noticed around 8,000 miles that there was a significant amount of road noise seeming to originate from the tires.  The first thought that would have went through my head if I wasn't already familiar with this issue is that there were problems with the bearings or alignment.
    Here is what the problem is.  I can guarantee it almost 100%.  THE OEM BRIDGESTONE TIRES ON THE CX-9 ARE GARBAGE!  I got a new set of Pirelli Scorpions and the vehicle now rides quieter than the time we drove it off the lot.  Do your research - the Duelers are rated horribly for wear and road noise/comfort.  Don't waste your time going to the dealer.  Most dealers will not even consider tires an issue (probably for OEM reasons) but mine did acknowledge there were numerous complaints with these tires.
    If I wouldn't have had a previous vehicle with sub-standard Firestones as OEM I would have been much more concerned.
    Hope this helps!

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