Tiger Woods opens up on Twitter regarding PGA Tour 12 – Golf news

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Tiger Woods opens up on Twitter regarding PGA Tour 12 – Golf news
Tiger Woods attended a question & answer session on Twitter on Wednesday and said Augusta National is his favourite course while playing the EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 game.
Woods is happy ever since he regained his swings on the Professional Golf Association Tour. It was reflected through the conversations that he had with his fans on the social networking site Twitter. The world number five addressed the queries of his fans
regarding his new game which will hit the stores on 29 March, 2011.
In an answer to one question asked about his favourite features on the game, Woods said, “too many, but my favs are Masters Tourney, Caddie, and new Career Mode.”
The answer gives a fair idea of the game, which has a lot of technological improvements than the previous version. According to the press releases, the new game has an option of adjusting the weather and course conditions apart from choosing a caddie. Moreover,
the game has a one-click option, which makes it easier while playing and selecting the setup.
Woods and EA Sports faced a major setback in 2010 when the sales went drastically down due to Tiger’s infidelity scandal. However, in 2011, EA Sports decided to put new features in it such as the Masters and removed Woods’ picture from the cover. In addition
to that, they decided to launch it on Facebook to gauge the pre-launch initial market response.
As a result of all the new marketing tools, EA Sports received a good response from the market which allowed them to go ahead with the launch of the game.
Woods is marching towards his first major of 2011, which will take place at the Augusta National. Not only he is working hard to promote the game, but is also fixing his swings to equip himself for a challenge. The former world number one has been winless
for the past 15 months and winning a tournament looks a necessity for the revival of his career.



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