Thomas Vermaelen signs contract extension at Arsenal – Premier League Update

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0 LIKES UnLike signs contract extension at Arsenal – Premier League Update defender and Belgian international, Thomas Vermaelen has gone ahead and put pen to paper on a new contract with the Gunners.
Following him extending his stay with the club, the player went on to reveal that his primary motivation to accept the new deal was the bright future he saw with the team.
Vermaelen is currently the vice captain of the team and following his arrival to the Premier League in 2009, he has gone on to establish his name as being one of the best in the business at what he does.
Apart from hailing the ambition shown by the team, the defender also admitted that the faith that Arsene Wenger put in him was a major factor behind him wanting to stick around. At the same time, the player admitted that the brilliant fans at the club helped
make his decision a whole lot easier.
When talking about his decision to stick around with the North London team, Vermaelen is quoted to have said: "I feel there is a big belief from the Club, from the boss and from the fans and that is one of the reasons why I stayed"
"Of course you cannot look into the future but I have a big belief that this Club will continue doing well. We had a bad start in the league but I think if we fight hard we will get through this. In the following years Arsenal will stay a big Club.”
"You hear from the board that the Club is doing well financially. We are playing with young players now and they can develop - that is good for the future I think."
Vermaelen is currently recovering from a surgery that he underwent a couple of months ago and is expected to be back in the squad, when the team takes on later this month.
Following his new deal with the club, the defender is going to be more than likely to put up a performance for the fans to remember and that is going to prove to be highly beneficial for the Gunners in their upcoming fixtures.



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