These symptoms, 15 year old.Please answer?

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1.Nauseous 24/7

2.lost of appetite

3.Bloated but lost of weight

4.missing period

5.head aches/backaches

i don't think I'm pregnant but i did have s*x about 1 month ago and he was using a condom.

What can these symptoms mean?




  1. You have a confusing mix of symptoms there!! It would be far too hard to actually diagnose here. The nausea, missing periods and backache could be pregnancy, but then you would expect an increased appetite and increase in weight. You should still do a pregnancy test though, just to be on the safe side. (Its likely to be negative).

    It could be an eating disorder. Anorexia maybe. But then you would get other, psychological symptoms, which you would be very aware of. Maybe you are and just dont want to mention them on here. If so you need to see your doctor ASAP because it can be sorted.

    If neither of these things are relevant, it could be hundreds of things with symptoms like that, so see your GP or Family Doctor (in america??).  

  2. You could be pregnant, even if you used protection, you need to take a pregnancy test. And you can be stressed out without realizing it.

  3. you could be pregnant. you should by a pregnancy test =)

  4. Could be stress

  5. Means the condom didn't work, you had penetration without a condom first, and put the condom on in the middle of having s*x, and now need to tell your parents about all of this...the ones you thought was none of their business.  They'll be the ones helping you out through all of this should you decide to keep the baby and not adopt it out.  If you choose abortion(which I don't recommend), someone will have to fork over $500 or more to pay for it if you are in the US.

  6. you are pregnant

  7. You may be pregnant I would have it checked out. I had my First child when I was 16 and I had those symptoms before I found Out so I would get checked. I went to a free pregnancy clinic in my town because I did not want my parents to know. I had to tell them after I found out I was and they did not like it but the love their grand children twin girl Kayla and Kaymara. I hope you are not because it was tough when I went through it.

  8. Buy a pregnancy test

  9. you should visit it has great fast advice for all types of issues! You r pregnant!!!!


    You are more than likely pregnant. You had s*x one month ago, and now you've missed your period.

    Buy one from the one dollar store. Their just as accurate as the 15$ ones from drugstores. Nausea, bloating, loss of appetite, and missing your period are all major signs of early pregnancy.

    I found out that i'm pregnant with my little one with a 1 dollar test. Now i'm 19 weeks pregnant.

    Good luck. If you get a positive, go to planned parenthood. They'll give you a clinic test and then you can know for sure.

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