The stay of the ' Erasmus ' abroad halved

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The next course will be 40,000 and Higher erasmus university level, like this year, but most reside abroad half the time, because no study both semesters but one. The Ministry of Education has decided to shorten the stays out for your budget cut leaves no one without a grant. Your budget will be 18 million, compared to the 34 worn this course, starting after additional 19 million for students staying half knew that they would not receive aid. Instead, he aimed for Brussels an increase of 4.3 % (2.2 million) to 53.4 million. In total there are 23.8 million less for the next edition.

The controversy of erasmus unleashed in November, when students learned that the grant ran out mid-year, the Government faced with Brussels, because from Spain is also hinted that there would be a reduction in the money that came from Europe. He said that was the reason that 20,000 scholarships will be lost. An EU spokesman came to label "junk " words of José Ignacio Wert ministry while the Red burned with protests by scholars.

According to the Autonomous Agency for European Educational Programmes (OAPEE) in 2010-11 the average stay of Erasmus scholarships -no - practice was generally 6 months, 7.5 months in the case of Spanish. And next to Spain, up to 8 months. "Almost all the students are out the entire year, a minority of one semester leave. What the average low is somewhat less FP - Higher than 10% of the scholarship - practice consisting of two or three months, "says Emilio GarcÃ_a Prieto, former director of the National Agency. " Our students do not have good language skills and when they start to loose is when they have to go back," he laments.

Secretary of State for Education, Monserrat Gomendio, argued yesterday that he wanted to prioritize the "fit with the academic organization of Bologna ". Believes that " it is logical to align with other countries " because the European average stay of one semester, " but not a cap." Education gives the opportunity for students to stay " one or two months if warranted " academically and in this case, the aid would be provided by the universities. These will be shared 12 million, 5.6 more than this year, at the rate of 350 euros per student campuses sent less than 100 students and 200 euros for more than a hundred.

Students will receive on average about 250 euros compared to 215 today, adding the ministerial scholarship and community - and a general scholarship recipients, average 350 euros (this year received 348 euros). Canaries for their condition islanders, provide up to 750 euros. The average is 250 euros, but the fork starts in the 200 who subscribe to pursue their studies in countries in economic life - Greece or Eastern favorites humble Spanish families or 300 would perceive the living, for example, in Scandinavia.

The contribution of the ministry is no longer an "add Brussels Fellowship " to be a " distinct market " according Gomendio. The Commission money will be spent on 30,000 scholarship and education will address another 10,000. Thus, only receive an income -are now two - but the amount will be the same.

Cutting central government has been uneven in the rest of Spanish institutions. The allocation of banks has evaporated almost universities (with their budgets decimated) and no longer in four communities -Madrid, Castilla y LeÃ_n, Castilla -La Mancha, Baleares, which she had. That assumes that you have extra volatilized almost 30 million of these organisms came to hand in 2008-2009.

Gomendio explained how the money was distributed come from Brussels, which now not only takes into account the number of university. For 75% were estimated three factors: population, the number of university, the distance between capital and living standards. And for the other 25 %, the number of scholarships last year. Thus Spain has not gone as was reported injured in November. It has achieved a 4.3 % increase in funding, although Italy and Germany have risen almost 25 %. Spain, with its 40,000 students, remains the country that receives and sends, compared with 30,000 in Germany or France or Britain just 13,000.

Forecasts of universities is that due to the crisis, the number of requests down in many campus scholarships for the second consecutive year. In the Autonomous University of Madrid, for example, last year awarded scholarships to 958 undergraduate and 633 east (the requested 1.034).

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