The best players in the world play at Real Madrid, claims Cristiano Ronaldo – La Liga News

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The best players in the world play at Real Madrid, claims Cristiano Ronaldo – La Liga News
According to reports, has expressed belief in the fact that Real Madrid currently have the best players in the world. The Portuguese skipper has claimed that Jose Mourinho’s men are the best in the business.
The former Manchester United man also added that he has been in high spirits at his current club due the fact that the squad has world class quality. The quality in the rest of the squad is also a factor that drives him to keep on improving himself.
According to the club’s official website, Ronaldo said:                                
"We have the best in the world on this squad. That makes me happy and helps me be better. My ambition is always to improve every year, and I'm at a club that guarantees that."
Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2009. The transfer cost Madrid an enormous amount of £80 million, the highest ever paid for a player. Ronaldo’s transfer to Santiago Bernabeu had been widely speculated before the move actually took place.
Many, all over the football world, consider Ronaldo one of the best players of the game. He has established himself as a world renowned icon. Ever since he was brought over to Old Trafford by Sir Ferguson, Ronaldo has evolved from a youngster to one
of the greats of the game.
As many had expected, as soon as he joined Madrid, Ronaldo was able to cement a place in his new team. He has so far scored 73 goals for the Spanish giants, he has had 70 appearances with them.
Ronaldo was also the winner of the ‘Pichichi’ award for being the highest goal scorer in the La Liga, last season. He holds the record for the highest number of goals scored in one season in the Spanish Primera.
According to the club’s official website, Ronaldo kept insisting on the importance of continuously improving himself. He emphasized that it was imperative to constantly improve. He stated:
"I think all football professionals are talented, but you'll never become a great player if you don't work on that talent. I always try to do that. I try to prove my quality on the pitch in games and training sessions. I always try to do things well.”
Many would agree to Ronaldo’s opinion about Real Madrid having the best team in the world. It would be interesting to see if the Spanish giants are able to use the current squad in achieving all that has been expected of them.



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