The Business Journal names California, Texas as top NHL expansion/relocation markets –NHL Update

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The Business Journal names California, Texas as top NHL expansion/relocation markets –NHL Update
The Business Journal announced its list of best candidate cities for a National Hockey League (NHL) expansion or relocation, a survey which is based on the locations which have the most potential for supporting, running and making an ice hockey team successful.
The controversial list was released on Friday, August 19.
Why controversial?
Well basically, it has everything which could possible make such a list controversial by naming some of the markets which people would generally and normally perceive as some of the least deserving, not only because of the low popularity for the game but
also because of the huge presence of other sports.
According to the entire data which was studied by The Business Journals, 58 out of the current United States and Canadian markets who do not have an NHL team in the city, 22 can easily support a team which would also run much better than expected.
The list is also a basis for recognising places which could hold potential strong NHL fan bases for franchises which are currently struggling to meet ends due to low fan turnouts and slow ticket sales along with a decrease in performance, which has ultimately
lowered the viewership for the team.
An ample example of this situation would be the relocation of Atlanta Thrashers which has created a huge impact on its new location, Winnipeg in Canada. The transition not only proved to be smooth but very successful. Citizens of the city finally got back
their lost hockey team for 15 years and could not have been more excited.
Topping the list of top 10 markets for NHL expansion/relocation was Riverside, San Bernardino, California, closely followed by probably the most surprising contender, Houston, Texas. The rest were also big surprises which included Bridgeport-Stamford, Connecticut
and Las Vegas, Nevada in fourth place.
Prior to this list, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, was perceived to be the most fertile place for an NHL team, which is the biggest controversial aspect.
In the end, the list is a  list which cannot prove anything entirely, but can help in giving an educated guess to the major league and investors thinking about making such a business venture.



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