The British Horseracing Authority imposes a ban on Richard Hughes for five and Kieren Fox for fifteen days

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The British Horseracing Authority imposes a ban on Richard Hughes for five and Kieren Fox for fifteen days

Keeping in view the whipping regulations imposed by the British Horseracing Authority, according to which there is a certain number of times a horse can be whipped in the final furlong, both, Kieren Fox and Richard Hughes, have been banned for breaking this
The two jockeys were informed of the ban imposed on them due to exceeding the number of whips allowed in the final furlong at Salisbury.
Keiren Fox was reported to have hit Orthodox Lad eleven times while Richard Hughes whipped his ride six times in the final furlong.
Since Richard Hughes was slightly off regulations, he faces a five-day ban.
Keiren Fox, on the other hand, got a fifteen days’ suspension for far exceeding the limit.
Richard Hughes had some defensive statements to offer as far as violation on his end was concerned.
"I rubbed him once before and he was leaning in, so I flicked him one down the neck, purely to keep him straight. They said you aren't allowed to use your stick as correction and I was under the impression you were allowed to do that”, said Hughes.
A statement about Kieren Fox said, "Kieren Fox hit his horse 11 times, four before the final furlong and seven in the final furlong. Under the new regulations, he's picked up a 15-day suspension and he loses his riding fee and his share of the prize-money”.
"Not only have the two jockeys suffered by losing on the banned days but they have also been deprived of a certain percentage share from their prize money”.
Even though now banned, Kieren Fox was able to ride his companion, Orthodox Lad, to the first position by initially tracking the leaders and then getting a chance to lead for over three furlong out.
He was ridden over two furlong out, leading while entering the final furlong. Later Orthodox Lad was rallied under pressure to regain lead for the final 120 yards.
He held onto the pace that he had worked on throughout the race and then won the race without really being threatened by any of the contestants.
Richard Hughes parked Swift Blade third in the ending zone of the race. The pair stayed in touch of the lot and then went headway, three furlong out, to track the leaders.
They countered some really strong challenge in the final furlong then tended to lean right and finished racing the track.
The race ended with winners and jockeys banned for not being able to abide by the rules set by the British Horseracing Authority.  



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