Tennis latest: Brydan Klein banned for the 2011 Australian Open play offs

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Tennis latest: Brydan Klein banned from the 2011 Australian Open play-offs
The professional tennis player from Australia, Brydan Klein has been kicked out of the wildcard play-offs for the year 2011’s opening Grand Slam, the Australian Open, as a result of his on-court misbehaviour on Wednesday.
High expectations have been pinned on the budding 20-year-old tennis player; however he has constantly let himself as well as his fans down with a couple of on-court misconducts.
The Davis Cup representative made more headlines back in November when the right hander launched a bitter attack on competition staff while arguing about the court at the Goldfields St Ives International in Kalgoorlie.
Brydan then refused to shake hands with one of the chair umpires after his loss in Kalgoorlie, before being charged for unsportsmanlike attitude.
Now the Australian will not be allowed to take part in this month’s play off starting from December 17th, 2010. He will rather now have to go through the qualifying stage in order to compete in the Australian Open in
"This step has been taken as a result of reports of various accounts of unacceptable behaviour at competitions both locally and internationally over the last few months. All contenders are expected to abide by Tennis Australia's
code of ethics and behaviour. The chance to take part in the Australian Open Play-off is an honour, not a right. This decision will send a clear message to all Australian players that breaching this code will not be supported by Tennis Australia through the
granting of wildcards or other financial assistance,” reflected Woodbridge in a statement on Wednesday.
Brydan, who according to his manager has been visiting a psychiatrist, was feted for greatness when he first burst onto the Australian tennis scene three years ago, however has endured a chequered start to his professional life.
The former Australian Open junior winner was charged $14,000 apart from the six months ban by the Association of Tennis Professionals after he racially abused South African contender Raven Klaasen at Eastbourne back in 2009 during
the month of June. His punishment was reduced by a third after the Australian completed a racial sensitivity course.
Tennis West, the sport's governing body in WA, is also fed up of his out-of-control ways.
"His behaviour is a slap in the face to those, including those directly involved at the Goldfields Tennis Club at the Kalgoorlie Pro Tour," said the Tennis West boss Andrew Stanbury.



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