Tennis’ greatest male players of all times: (Part Four) John McEnroe – Tennis Special

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Tennis’ greatest male players of all times: (Part Four) John McEnroe – Tennis Special
American tennis has been on its prime at one time, with legendary players dominating the entire tennis world. Pete Sampras was the last of the tennis icon after whom the United States has failed to sustain its pride and glory by
producing a player of his class. Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish and John Isner were among the top notch performers from America but they actually didn’t carry on the legacy of their country in the sport of tennis.
Let us go back to the golden days of American tennis when a player single-handedly registered piles of records to earn a place among the Greatest of All Times players in tennis. He was the man who shall never be seen in action
in the professional circuit again but still a number of upcoming tennis stars inspire him as their ideal professional sportsman.
John McEnroe – the United States of America
His movements on the tennis courts were no less than a ballet dace; smooth stroke play and the most agile foot work you would ever see. John Patrick McEnroe shall always be one of the most unique tennis characters in the history
books. He is remembered not just for his game play, but his on and off-court gestures as well.
Stepping into the professional circuit in 1978, McEnroe took barely two years to hunt down the best players in business and claim the world number one spot. He bagged seven Grand Slam trophies in his 14-year professional career
but couldn’t register a Career Slam. He won four US Open titles and three Wimbledon Championships, failing to get his hands on the other two Major trophies. He was the finalist at the Roland Garros in 1984 but couldn’t cash in that precious opportunity. McEnroe’s
best run at the Grand Slam Down Under was in 1983 when he reached the semi-final draw.
The 53-year-old American legend claimed a total of 76 ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) championship titles, 42 of which came on the carpet surface. His success on the hard courts was phenomenal, as he secured 22 trophies
on his favourite surface, whilst could only pocket four titles on the red clay.
The most eminent feature of McEnroe’s game play was his tremendous ability to strike a volley with immense power and amazing accuracy. Every contest of his would witness him raiding the net frequently and punching juicy volleys
into unplayable cross-court winners. The other critical success factor in his game included her precision of posting a delicate drop shot. McEnroe had great command on his shot placement and power, placing a perfect drop shot at his will and leaving his opponents
absolutely stunned.
No doubt he was a tennis genius but quite fuming personality as well. McEnroe’s classic arguments with the match officials, screaming and shouting the chair umpire and threatening the linesmen, were all part of his game. Some tennis
fans remember him because of his short temperament, other remember him as one of the greatest tennis player being witnessed on the courts. Either way, McEnroe remains alive in our memories all the times.
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