Tennis champion Rafael Nadal and pop star Shakira – more than just good friends?

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Tennis champion Rafael Nadal and pop star Shakira – more than just good friends?

It has been hot news for some time in the media that is tennis champion Rafael Nadal dating the famous pop singer Shakira? Both stars have been seen getting closer to each other off late which is why a huge hype has been created in the media on whether there is something going on between the two celebrities.

Shakira is an extremely talented music artist. She is a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer and philanthropist - all in one - and has thrived in the music industry as one of the most successful Latin-American artists of all time. She is a Colombian and speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese. She has been awarded two Grammy Awards, seven Latin Grammy Awards, twelve Billboard Latin Music Awards and has been nominated for the Golden Globes as well. Along with this, she has been the only South American to have ever reached the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100, the Australian ARIA chart and the UK Singles Chart. It is hardly possible for the personal life of such a high esteemed celebrity to go unnoticed by the media, which explains all the news and rumours floating about her having an affair with Rafael Nadal.

Moreover, Rafael Nadal is no less of a celebrity in his own world. His rule prevails over professional tennis at present. Currently, he is ranked as the number one player in the world. Nadal has bagged a total of seven Grand Slam singles titles and is on his way for more victories. He recently qualified for the Wimbledon 2010 finals and if he manages to win this match, he will be awarded with yet another Grand Slam title. His spectacular performance in the sport has led people to claim that he is one of the greatest tennis players in history. Seeing Nadal smash out his opponents in many matches, one cannot object to this claim. Hence, it is quite evident as to why this tennis superstar is under the radar of the media 24/7 and the news of him and Shakira getting close was likely to set the media on fire.

Starting off as friends, Nadal and Shakira just seem to get closer and closer. They were seen to be very flirty and giggly. Sources said that they had a lot of chemistry together which in fact they did and it was seen in Shakira’s music video ‘Gypsy’. The two stars claim to be ‘just friends’ but this video speaks otherwise. The video featured steaming hot scenes of the couple together. Plus the shirtless Nadal turned up the heat further between the two in their kissing scene which concludes the video. It is not the media at fault here for believing that the two are a couple. Despite this, Nadal’s representative told the press that there is no romantic relationship between the pair whatsoever while Shakira’s representative described them as just ‘good friends’.

Shakira was recently seen at Wimbledon 2010, sitting among the audiences and cheering for the tennis champion Rafael Nadal. She was up on her feet, applauding her former co-star, after his majestic performance out on the court in his fourth round against Paul-Henri Mathieu. Nadal beat the Frenchman Mathieu in straight sets and progressed in the tournament. Now such support can only be provided by someone special. Is it possible that the two Spanish speaking celebrities have developed some kind of a special bond other than just that of friendship?

Nothing can be said further about the two but as their friendship is seen to flourish. Who knows what end results it may bring about. Even though, at the moment they deny any kind of relationship other than that of friendship, recent encounters between these two hot celebrities make it hard to believe such a thing. Hips don’t lie people – or do they?



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