Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak aims expanding QB Jake Locker role in offence – NFL News

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Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak aims expanding QB Jake Locker role in offence – NFL News
With quarterback Jake Locker settling down as an offence leader for the Tennessee Titans, coach Mike Munchak is seeking to increase his time on the field and help him become a better fit in the overall offensive scheme of the team.
Mike said it was something they will be looking to keep working on as the team progresses through the preseason and then regular season phase, expecting to expand the role of the first year starter Jake on the offensive line gradually.
While citing Jake’s form in overall offence's output in the game against the Arizona Cardinals, the coach said:
"I think we missed a few third downs that we could've converted on, missed a couple of throws on the third down that could've kept the drives alive, kept us on the field and could've possibly led to more points," Locker said after the game.
He added:
"I think we need to get a little better on the first down and not put ourselves in as many third-and-1s."
The official also drew attention towards the fact that the QB is likely to know, assess and adjust into the overall strategy of the team’s offence with the passage of time as he continues to play more and more games.
According to him:
"Just got to keep playing. Obviously, we're happy with how he handled himself."
Mike has made a point here that the Cardinals' game was the first one for Jake to play as a starter and he got the opportunity to prove his credentials for the role.
It was also a preseason game where participation of players is restricted to a limited play time, and Locker can work on his potential and skills honing in the season. He is expected to play through the entire game in the season phase and obviously will
have substantial time to conceive and work out on an improvement plan for himself.
The most important development for him is that he has launched himself into the leading role during the first appearance successfully. Further, he has shown himself to be a keen and quick learner and there is no reason why he should not get better in all
aspects with every game he plays.



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