Suzuki Swift Sport, Keyless Start?

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I was thinking about buying a new Suzuki Swift Sport, and i was wondering about how the Keyless Start works, i don't want to go to a dealer because the nearest one to me is 20 miles away...

If any of you a Suzuki Swift Sport could you take pictures of the key or even better do a video of how you start would be a great help for me...

Or if anyone knows of a Video Existing pleas post a Link...

Thank You :)




  1.  hey!! i have a suzuki swift with the keyless start.... its bloody amazing!!

    i will be dammed to go back to a normal key.... 

    The fob has the lock and unlock buttons...but you can leave the fob in your pocket...walk upto the door and push a small black button sensor on the drivers/passenger front and boot.. to unlock or lock the doors.... just get in the car... fob signals can be read from anywhere inside the vehicle... just turn the switch and off you go!!!


    car will only start if fob is inside the car.... you can never lock the fob in the car by mistake as it auto unlocks itself.....


    hope this helps!!

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