Stoke City give Mamady Sidibe a new contract

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English Premier League side Stoke City have given a contract extension, which will keep the injury plagued player for another year at the Britannia Stadium.
The 32-year-old’s future was made uncertain after he picked up a knee injury during a reserve game against Port Vale last October. Having not been able to make an appearance for the first team since two years due to injury, it seemed Sidibe’s career had
come to an end.
However, Stoke City manager international another chance, hoping he will be fit in time for next season. Encouraged by the news, the forward is working hard to be prepared for pre-season training.
Sidibe said in an interview:
“I have just talked to the club and they have offered me another year to get me fit again. That is very good for me and I thank the club, the chairman, the manager, everybody.
Without the contract, it would be very difficult for me, especially after being here for seven years.”
He revealed he was extremely grateful to everyone at the club, the chairman and the management, for the opportunity they had given him. Sidibe hoped to make the most of his second chance and be prepared to give back to the club he had been at for seven years.
It was initially believed that Sidibe would have to retire from football since his current deal was set to expire at the end of the season, especially after he sustained yet another injury. However, the new one year contract gives him a lifeline and he can
expect to return under Tony Pulis next season.
Sidibe was extremely grateful for the opportunity and hoped to give back to the club. He revealed:
“Without the club helping me, I think I would [have] completely stopped. Yes, probably I would retire. But Stoke has always treated me well and it's a big boost to know I am going to be here next year.
Probably people don't expect me to be playing for the team, but I will give my best and only God knows what will happen.”



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