Steelers linebacker James Harrison adamant that McCoy hit not worth suspension – NFL News

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Steelers linebacker James Harrison adamant that McCoy hit not worth suspension – NFL News
A day after reports of facing punishment prospects Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison came out adamant that his helmet-to-helmet hit to Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy was not worth a fine let alone a ban from
the game.
Harrison strongly defended himself and while apparently referring to the hit said that he did nothing wrong which he should be punished for.
"I don't think a suspension is worthy," Harrison said Monday. "I don't think it's worthy of anything, but that's just my own personal thoughts."
Steelers linebacker came to his defence after reports confirmed that National Football League (NFL) office was reviewing the hit and weighing options of fining him which could include a ban from the game for one or two matches.
"Our staff is going to be looking at that play along with every other play that happens this weekend, and they'll make their decisions," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at a fan forum.
Colt was injured in their game against the Steelers on past Sunday after he came in contact with Harrison in a helmet-to-helmet hit. Later reports confirmed he had suffered a concussion.
Harrison however said that he had not committed anything wrong. He said that the moment McCoy tucked the ball he was a runner so there was nothing wrong and that it was a fair game.
"Well, he took off running with it, and at the last second he, like, chucked and ducked," Harrison said. "So, people can see it."
It is yet to be confirmed by the NFL office about the decision to punishment and extent of the punishment to the player. Harrison received a fine of $125,000 in penalties by NFL last year.
The handling of Colt McCoy’s injury by the Browns has led to a controversy. The side had allowed him to return to the field and play despite his head injury and an initial inquiry by the NFL and NFL Players Association (NFLPA)
has pointed out at a system failure at the Browns.
The league review said that the player should not have been allowed to return given the fact that there were clear symptoms proving he had suffered a concussion. The inquiry continues.



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