Stade Francais states that Mathiew Bastareaud will stick with club – Rugby news

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Stade Francais states that Mathiew Bastareaud will stick with club – Rugby news
The French rugby union club, Stade Francais, has claimed that they feel positive about retaining their centre, Mathiew Bastareaud, in spite of Bastareaud’s willingness to play with Mediterranean coast side Toulon.
Mathieu Bastareaud, 22, is a year into his three-year long contract which was signed in 2010 with Stade Francais. However, he thinks that he is no longer a part of coach, Michael Cheika's, plans and is considering leaving the club and joining Toulon next
season. According to the former France national coach, Bernard Laporte, who is also the Paris club's top official, Bastareaud would stay in the capital.
He said, “Mathieu Bastareaud will stay at the club. I have seen him twice recently, a month ago and yesterday afternoon. We had a frank, honest exchange of views and things are quite clear and precise.”
He expressed that whatever happened in the previous season does not hold much substance now and that he was himself absent from the city back then. His main objective is to streamline the team and bring everyone on the same page and then move in one direction. So
far the discussions have given a positive sign and have been surprisingly delightful for both parties.
He added, "I read somewhere that there had been a showdown, but there was no showdown. He is going nowhere. He is under contract."
After he scored two tries on his international debut against Scotland in 2009 Six Nations, the centre was acknowledged as a huge emerging talent. On the other hand, soon after he left a stain on his record during the France’s summer tour of the All Black
kingdom. He had facial wounds that were a result of a physical assault on him by a cluster of men late at night just outside his team's hotel.
Even though Bastareaud has worked his way back into the French team, he is still facing some problems and has not even been included in the team which will be taking part in the World Cup in New Zealand this September.



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