St Paddy's Day?

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I just saw a question that said in America they eat corned beef and cabbage on St Paddys day! We never eat that in Ireland!!

I think they need to learn about what we actually do do in Ireland!!

Oh and this year Paddy's day is celebrated on 15th March by the church (because of Easter) ........ but in Ireland will our parades be on 17th and will the matches be on 17th aswell?




  1. We do eat corned beet and cabbage and its just a tradition we have our you have yours we are all celebrating but its a bit different.  I have been in a few cities in America for St. Paddys day and i have been in Galway for st paddys day and they are both fun but different and thats ok.

  2. They also dye their rivers green and drink green beer. Them americans dont do things by half!!! Think the whole corned beef think came from the people that moved over to the US during the famine. As you know, not a penny did they have to rub between them, so corned beef and the likes was a staple of their diet(Babe wouldnt have lasted a year on an irish farm he he) so they continue the tradition on Paddy's day. Then theres us, the real Irish, its pub and chipper, if it wasnt were the italians and chimese we'd all starve on Paddys Day :):):):):) (well I would anyway, cant be arsed getting off the bar stool to go home and cook!)

    One thing that really irks me about American's and St Patrick's day, they call it St Patty's day(what the h**l!)

  3. No we dont need to learn what you do there, we enjoy our corned beef and cabbage here. But thank you..... Do you get drunk there?  because I know we do here... Erin Go bragh

  4. Who is St. Paddy?? Here in Italy, our teachers don't learn us this... day..!! On 17th March there's St. Patrick day, I know, but St Paddy...

  5. I too, agree. Americans would have much more fun when they tried new things and traditions. Don't get me wrong, I love Ireland and America. IRISH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ciara - I saw that one too!! Really strange - never eaten that in my life! Nor have any of my friends.

    And for someone to say - we have our traditions etc...

    that's just stupid. Surely the whole thing is about celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland? So you'd keep to Irish traditions.

  7. Like every culture, traditions morphed when they came over here to America.  I don't know how the whole corned beef and cabbage thing got started, but I have eaten it every St. Patrick's Day.  The Irish who came over from Ireland brought their traditions and soon the culture changed from Irish to Irish American.  Our traditions are a take on yours, but some how the American Irish have made their own culture.

  8. Your right!

    It wouldn't annoy me half as much if they didn't assume that's what we eat everyday look at some of the questions where people ask what the food in Ireland is like there is usually always one person saying that we eat corned beef and cabbage alot

    The only time I had corned beef in a dinner was at my friends house and shes Jamaican!  Besides from that I don't know any Irish person that eats it

    Also as cleofox32 asked what the h**l is Patty's Day? where did that come from?!
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