St. Louis Cardinals’ players reflect on Adam Wainwright

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St. Louis Cardinals’ players reflect on Adam Wainwright
The St. Louis Cardinals suffered a major loss in their pitching rotation recently. The club is actively participating in Spring Training at the moment and the loss comes in the form of Adam Wainwright.
The player has been in Jupiter, Florida, with the rest of the club for the preparation of the new Major League Baseball campaign.
The ace suffered an elbow injury and now he’s heading towards the Tommy John surgery table. His teammates took the opportunity to empathize with the star.
Three of the Cardinals’ pitching squad members have gone through the surgery before and they took a moment to convey their personal experience to the 29-year old ball thrower.
Jake Westbrook, Jamie Garcia and Chris Carpenter are those players, who have been through the testing situation. When Carpenter was leaving for St. Louis in order to get a MRI, Carpenter had a chance to talk to the young ace.
"Adam and I have talked about it already", Carpenter said. "I told him he's about to go through the worst thing in sports, an injury that knocks you down. It's not just the surgery, it's the whole thing.
“You know, if you're not performing well, you can do something about it - find a new way, work harder, get some help. But when you can't play because of an injury, there's not much you can do about it, just wait until you get your strength and your range
of motion back”.
Carpenter has been through the experience before and it takes a very long time to get back into action. The player was taken out of the rotation on the opening day of the 2007 season. He made his return to the club in July, 2008.
Albert Pujols also had a chance to talk about Adam. He told the press that he was personally disappointed about the news as he thinks Adam is a top contender.



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