St. Louis Cardinals’ Kyle Lohse to start NLCS Game 7 against San Francisco Giants – NLCS Update

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St. Louis Cardinals’ Kyle Lohse to start NLCS Game 7 against San Francisco Giants – NLCS Update

With the season on the line, the St. Louis Cardinals have slated Kyle Lohse to pitch the decisive Game 7 of the National League Championship Series, scheduled for Monday, October 22. The best-of-seven game series is currently tied at 3-all.
Kyle Lohse comes at a very unusual time for the Cardinals. Not that the club had not faced such situation in the past but rivals San Francisco Giants made an astounding comeback just when they were down 3-1 in the National League Championship Series.
In order to make it to the World Series, where the Cardinals will have the opportunity to defend the World Series championship, St. Louis will have to overcome the Giants.
"It all starts with our starting pitching," Cardinals' manager Mike Matheny said. "And Kyle Lohse, from the opening day of the season, has been such a steady starter for us and does a great job of figuring out how to get outs, even when he doesn't have his best stuff."
Kyle Lohse is one of the rare talents out there for the Cardinals. In his three post-season starts this year so far, he has retained an exceptional 1.96 ERA with 2-0 record. Monday provides him a rare chance to once again deliver for the Cardinals.
"I've talked about it all year, just staying in the moment, not letting what happened previously affect me," Lohse said. "I didn't have good command, but I can't go out there and worry about that. I just have to make my next pitch, and if that one doesn't work, then you just have to grind it out and make the next one.”
Kyle Lohse remained thoroughly consistent in the regular season as well wherein he held 16-3 record with 2.86 ERA in the 33 starts that he made.
Coming at a time when everything is at stake for the Cardinals, Lohse has to put things in order for the club. If records are anything to go by, he is all set to once again lead the Cardinals to victory stand, if only Giants do not alter that history in the decisive game.



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