Sri Lanka’s Mahela Jayawardene once again Dismisses Corruption Claims made by Hashan Tillakaratne

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Sri Lanka’s Mahela Jayawardene once again dismisses corruption claims made by Hashan Tillakaratne
Sri Lanka’s middle-order batsman,
Jayawardene, who resigned from the post of vice-captain after the world cup 2011, believes that the claims made by the former cricketer were nothing more than a scam to gain public attention and making the headlines in order to nurture his political
Speaking to media in, the 33-year-old Jayawardene opined, “I think its hot air. If he's got evidence it's great because we can't have this in our cricket. But we need solid proof. He's had enough time to speak to the ICC and he's not gone about it
in the right manner."
The former Sri Lakan veteran, Hashan, last month in a TV show, claimed that he knew the names of the individuals involved in match-fixing. He also promised to name the players.
However, later he retracted from his allegations and decided not to reveal the names of the culprits.
He however, insisted that he was willing to share his information with the International Cricket Council (ICC) as he believed that there was credible threat to his life in
Nonetheless, the sports minister of Sri Lanka promised the former cricketer to be provided with top notch security. Despite the assurances, he declined to reveal any information.
Meanwhile, many Sri Lankan players criticised Hashan for levelling allegations without any proof.  Former skipper also insisted that if there was any truth to his claims then Hashan should disclose the information in order to root out corruption
from the sport.
Meanwhile, it has been learnt that Jayawardene cited off the field issues as the reason for his resignation.
“It's the stuff happening off the field which you can't control. You are often fighting a lone battle and a time comes when you have to say 'Enough' because it affects your own cricket," said the former vice-captain.



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