Sri-Lanka, Korea and Kazakhstan win classification matches in 15th Men’s Jr. Asian Volleyball Championship

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Sri-Lanka, Korea and Kazakhstan win classification matches in 15th Men’s Jr. Asian Volleyball Championship
The 15th Men’s Junior Asian Volleyball Championship is underway in Thailand. The campaign is scheduled to complete its run from 1st-9th October, 2010. The beautiful cities of Nakhon Pathom and Ratchaburi in Thailand have
been selected for this volleyball extravaganza. The championship has covered the early stage and amazing clashes have been witnessed.
In the succession of championship, Sri-Lanka collided with Australia on the 5th October, 2010 and won the classification match from Aussies with a score of 25-11, 25-20, 16-25, and 25-23. Likewise, Kazakhstan sparked on the scene and ousted Maldives
in straight three sets. They claimed victory with the help of 3-0 (25-9, 25-12, and 25-14). Korea also joined the winners’ class by exhibiting outstanding performance. The Koreans stroke with the home-team Thailand and bagged 3-0 victory. They helped a score
of 25-15, 25-20, and 25-19.
Sri-Lanka vs. Australia
Sri Lanka met Australia in 9th-16th classification round of the championship. Sri Lanka kept an upper-hand on Australian team and enjoyed the first set victory. Aussies couldn’t put up with the prevailing spikes from Sri Lankan players.
They failed to pose any threat for their opponents, while Sri Lanka easily managed to build a lead and claimed first set victory (25-11).
The game progressed with same pace and Sri Lanka took the leading role in game. Australia, on the other hand, trailed behind in scores’ run. Australian game was improved in second set but it was not enough to subdue Sri-Lankan muscle. Australia bore the
damage of another set by receiving 25-20.
Australia created a little buzz in the match with the help of third set victory. The game experienced a twist and Australia achieved better status. The Australian team slowly and steadily rose up to the occasion. They played with dedication and snatched
3rd set from Sri-Lanka (25-16). Somehow, Sri-Lanka attacked with fierce shots in fourth set and diminished the chances of Australian win. Sri-Lanka won the 4th set and settled for match victory.
Kazakhstan vs. Maldives
In the next combat, Kazakhstan contested its game-skills with Maldives. Supposedly Kazakhstan was more experienced side and it was likely to dismiss Maldivians with putting much effort. The match was solely one-sided battle as Kazakhstan clean swept the
other side with a superb score of 3-0. The first set totally belonged to Kazak team, as they outplayed Maldives by sending 25-9. The following two sets were also overpowered by Kazakhstan. Maldives failed to penetrate the sharp spear shots of Kazak hitters.
They posted 25-12 and 25-14 respectively and bagged an easy victory over Maldives.
Korea vs. Thailand
The arena was full of local fans in third match of the day. The host Thailand was scheduled to face Korea in 1st-18th classification round match. Thailand played the match under huge pressure from audience and couldn’t match their talent
with the guest team from Korea.
Korean side was equipped with quick players, who had the knack of volleyball game. The first set started on a high note. Korea served perfectly and created trouble for Thailand’s defence. As the game progressed, Korea became stronger and pushed Thailand
behind the attack line. The home-side struggled to score but most of their attempts didn’t work out. Korea consistently kept moving ahead and achieved 25-15 in the first set.
Thailand followed a different approach in second set and hit back Korea. They brought in better substitutions and tried to level the score by capturing second set. Korea was a tough contender and it was not easy to dismantle their strength. Thailand fought
well but couldn’t avoid the chances of defeat by 20-25. Thai players lost hope in third set as Korea was one step ahead in the game. They finished the set by posting 25-19 over Thailand. Korean team joined the victorious class and celebrated the brilliant
win against Thailand in their home-court.



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