Sporting Gijon’s Javier Clemente unhappy with a section of the press

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The former La Roja coach has come under severe criticism in recent weeks as Sporting continue to fail in staving off relegation come the end of season.
Ahead of their match with Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, Javier Clemente acknowledged the "grim picture" that surrounds the outfit from Asturias.
Reflecting on the topic, the experienced head coach stated that there is a section of the media that has an agenda against his team and claimed that they are spreading false rumours.
Continuing on the topic, Clemente stated that these tactics of media representatives are tarnishing the image of the club.
"Journalists tell me everything: inhuman, pork, bad person ... is a montage, a mob that smells bad as ever. Always join them and say the same atrocities. Depending on who you listen to have fallen to Tenerife, Murcia, Valladolid, Gijon and now I'm the king
of the falls."
Clemente also took out time to talk about the match against Real Madrid and believes ruling out his side will be a grave mistake. The Barakaldois argued that the Galacticos v.20 players are human, who can fall as easily as anyone else.
The 62-year-old trainer added that he is aware of the mammoth task in front of his beleaguered side but added that anything can happy on the football pitch in a match.
He stated that they will have to play within their means and hope to take advantage of whatever opportunity that falls in their way.
"Although we have less equipment options and have to play to take advantage of that we have. I've never been anywhere to go. Try to tell players that they are very good, but they are flesh and blood," he said.
With a handful matches remaining until the end of 2011/12 La Liga season, the match is equally important for both sides. Sporting has the relegation battle on their hands as they stand in 18th place, 7 points adrift of safety.
On the other hand, for Real Madrid the league fixture can decide their title challenge. Jose Mourinho’s men have to travel to the Camp Nou on April 21 and can ill afford to drop points, especially in front of Madridista at the Bernabeu. 



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