Sorayas Gold seems to sizzle tonight at Oxford – Greyhound Racing Preview

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Sorayas Gold seems to sizzle tonight at Oxford – Greyhound Racing Preview
Oxford track will host a thrilling event of 450m Grade A3 race at 12:18 today, February 10. The total prize money for the contest is £55.
It is predicted to be an awe-inspiring competition as all the six runners, Cavies Smasher, Greencroft Emma, Pengams Princess, Sorayas Gold, Adamant Yankee and Outback Casandra, possess immense experience and excellent skills.
With the event just a few hours away, we take a quick but keen look on the key career records of each of the six hounds in order to figure out how they will perform. Below is the analysis:
Cavies Smasher
The novice b***h will break from Trap 1. Trained by R Hannan, she has won two out of her total eight races so far.
Since the dawn of 2012, the black b***h has been in good form, winning a race on January 30. The daughter of Droopys Robinho out of Cavies Cutie can gain well tonight, provided she capitalises on her momentum properly.
Greencroft Emma
The S Rayner-trained black b***h registered her last victory, after a gap of seven defeats, on January 29. She won over Timeout Yasmin by 2 lengths.
In October 2011, she won a couple of races elegantly. Thus, the three-year-old seems to be in good form, having 70 percent chances to win tonight.
Pengams Princess
The trainee of J Mayo won a race excellently by 7 ¾ lengths on January 21, perking up her morale greatly.
Before this, she bagged a good victory in December 2011. If the black b***h manages to capitalise on her form properly, she will be able to accomplish well tonight. She too has 70 percent chances to thrive.
Sorayas Gold
After winning a race on January 5, the blue and brindle b***h has lost three preceding races.
During October-November 2011, she registered a marvellous hat-trick. Since last six months, she has been enjoying good form.
The trainee of R Yeates can cause a big upset in this race. She has 75 percent chances to win.
Adamant Yankee
Since winning his last race on January 9, the black dog has been a bit out-of-form.  
In his last three races, he was trailed and lost badly. As a whole, he has been consistent throughout his career. The N Carter-trained hound may finish well tonight, if he applies his utmost force to run.
Outback Casandra
Since her last victory on November 12, 2011, the black b***h has not won any race. Currently, she is going through a bad patch which has distilled her confidence completely.
The trainee of A Kibble does not seem to be in a position to pose any fighting spirit tonight. She may finish third or even more down the order.
The above-mentioned stats show that Greencroft Emma, Pengams Princess and Sorayas Gold will potentially fight for the first position which seems to be leaning towards Sorayas Gold.
Supposedly, it will be a rip-roaring clash as almost all hounds are in good form.
Let us enjoy the live action at Oxford.
This preview can lead the bookies to bet wisely during the race. Good luck to all the runners.
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